Automodello 1977 TVR M-Series Turbo

May 17, 2014 No Comments

When Triumph quit building their U.S.-legal straight-six engines, TVR was left without a powerplant. Ford of England agreed to supply the 3-liter “Essex” V-6; with the bigger engine the TVR became the 3000M.  For those who wanted still more power, TVR had Ford tuner Broadspeed develop a turbocharged version, the 3000M Turbo.  TVR Chairman Peter [...]

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Auto World “Foster’s King Cobra” Funny Car

May 16, 2014 No Comments

The Legends of the Quarter Mile from Auto World just keep a-comin’, and that’s not a bad thing. AW’s model of Sid and Gerald Foster’s  1972 Mustang flopper is the latest take on the line’s FoMoCo funny car mold set, and it’s one of the flashiest in an array of anything-but-subtle models, thanks to a [...]

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LRP Mercedes-Benz DTM

May 15, 2014 No Comments

Another just-emerging runner from LRP is this Mercedes-Benz C-class AMG DTM – truly a trick sedan, thanks to accurate proportions, a low-slung stance, and the same S10 tub-style chassis used on the Porsche. That tub has a lot of advantages – strength being the principal benefit – and it makes for an adaptable platform that [...]

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LRP Porsche GT3 “Green Hell”

May 14, 2014 No Comments

If you know what “Grüne Höelle” means – and no, it’s not a Goth-metal act from Sweden – you’re  probably already taking a good long look at this LRP Porsche GT3 Cup racer from RC maker LRP. The model and the company are both new (they haven’t even figured out their pricing, yet) but it [...]

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Auto World 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

May 14, 2014 No Comments

The parade of new 1:43 resins continues to impress us, especially this emerging line from Auto World, whose recent foray into the scale and the medium has been extremely well received around here. This pair of 1977 Pontiac Trans Ams had us tearing into the packaging, thanks to what appeared to be a high level [...]

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Hot Wheels Elite 2012 Ferrari FF

May 12, 2014 No Comments

Introduced at the 2011 Geneva Show, the Ferrari FF (“Ferrari Four”) broke new ground in several areas.  Its 6.2 liter, 651-horse V-12 was the biggest engine ever stuffed into a street-legal Ferrari, and while it’s not the first four seater from Modena, its high-roofline (“shooting brake” in Euro-speak) Pininfarina body is the first to carry [...]

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Auto World Christine 1958 Plymouth Fury

May 11, 2014 No Comments

While Michael and K.I.T.T. were tearing up the Universal back lot, author Stephen King was penning a missive about a massive old Plymouth that came off the assembly line populated by more spooks than a Hallowe’en hayride. That novel – Christine – eventually made it to the big screen in one of the better-realized efforts [...]

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Hot Wheels Elite “K.A.R.R.”

May 10, 2014 No Comments

Before Michael Knight’s bad, black, cyber-Trans Am “K.I.T.T” took to fighting crime, there was “K.A.R.R.,” Knight Industries’ first – and decidedly flaky – prototype robotic car. Unlike its properly bolted-together sibling,  K.A.R.R. had a few screws loose (not to mention a couple of rogue circuits in its main processor), and was stashed safely away until [...]

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AUTOart Alfa Romeo 33 TT 12 “Francorchamps 1975”

May 09, 2014 No Comments

AUTOart’s Signature Series Alfa Romeo Tipo 33TT12 demonstrates something close to detail overload in the sub-$500 category. For one thing, this model of the Derek Bell / Henri Pescarolo-piloted winner of the 1975 1000Km at Spa is a true high-ender: delicate, multi-paneled, and spidery, the car comes in a clamshell package that had us a [...]

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PremiumX 1973 Chevrolet Bel Air Chicago Police

May 08, 2014 No Comments

The Bel Air became Chevy’s entry-level model when the entire lineup was revised in 1973, and the low-end 4-door sedan was a favorite with Police, Taxi, and other fleet buyers.  PremiumX’s new resincast wears the correct color scheme and graphics for the Chicago P.D. in ’73; body lines are accurate and every detail, from the [...]

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