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Become a diecast insider by joining the Die Cast X Team:

Have you ever been flipping through the pages of Die Cast X or checking out our latest story online and thought “I could do that!” We think so too, and here’s your chance to prove it! We are seeking new content contributors for Die Cast X and you could be just who we’re looking for. If so, you could earn early access to some exciting new diecast models, and you’ll definitely secure bragging rights and the everlasting admiration (or jealousy!) of your collector buddies. Do you know diecast scale replicas (and the vehicles upon which they are based)? Are you working on a custom project that would wow other collectors? Can you take excellent photos and/or compelling model-related video? Do you enjoy reporting on the latest news and releases, or covering shows and events? If so you may be Team DCX material.

Die Cast X - Diecast Model Cars | Looking For Contributors


Of course, we’re looking for your own original content that has not been published previously, but if you have what it takes joining our team earns you the chance to get published in the pages of Die Cast X and our family of web and social media sites. Even better, proven content providers earn opportunities to receive free models to review!


If you want to take a shot at being a DCX contributor, send us your idea or tackle one of the topics we are always on the look-out for. Keep in mind that all text submissions must have accompanying photography.

For pointers on how to shoot photos of models check out this link: https://www.diecastxmagazine.com/photo-your-diecast-like-a-pro/


When you’re ready, submit here: DCXcontributor@airage.com


Sample Article Topics

New Release Info: For many collectors the most important model in their collection is the next one, so we are always in need of accurate reporting on new and upcoming releases. [Check out our “Showroom” section in any issue of Die Cast X for the type of thing we’re looking for.]

Model Reviews: This is the core of what DCX does, so insightful, detailed, unbiased reviews of significant models from around the diecast (and resin-cast) world are always welcome. The model should be new and currently available, and not something we have reviewed previously. Reviews can be in text or video form. [Check out “Out of the Box” and “Quick Look” sections in the magazine for examples.]

Project builds: Got model you are customizing into your personal dream machine? Video it! Photograph it! Send us the history behind it and as much detail as you can how you built it—including build photos if possible. Share your wisdom!

Model/Brand Retrospectives: Some great models have been made over the years. Many are no longer in production, but they may be available in the secondary market. Or perhaps they’re rare or obscure, but deserving of being remembered by fans and collectors. If you own or have access to models like this, perhaps you want to take a swing at a retrospective article?

Event Coverage: There are a number of regional shows and model events held throughout the year—too many to keep track of or for us to attend. But if you are going to be at one bring your camera or even just your iPhone if you have a good eye! Take notes, video the highlights; grab a quick VIP interview if you can, and send us what you get. We be able to turn that into a show report or event gallery.

Feature stories: Features are really a chance to show us your talents and creativity. These can be theme-driven like our cover stories, or focus on a specific brand, a unique collection, or any number of other potential topics. Get creative!

Remember that images are essential to telling the story, whether that’s in the pages of the magazine or online. If you want some pointers on how to successfully photograph models, check out these Photo Tips: https://www.diecastxmagazine.com/photo-your-diecast-like-a-pro/

And if you’re developing a story for the web, video is a great way to add an extra dimension!

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