From the “Never Be Diecast” files…

From the “Never Be Diecast” files…

Long before the controversial Escalade EXT showed its…”distinctive”…face, Cadillac had another hybrid pickup. The guys over at Hemmings dug up this one: the Cadillac Caribou — a coachbuilt adaptation of a Coupe de Ville into a sort of upscale El Camino (how they passed up the ‘El Caminorado’ moniker in favor of ‘Caribou’ we can’t imagine!). For more info and pix of this oddball that will never, ever, ever be made in diecast (opinions here are split as to whether that’s a good thing…) click HERE.





Updated: May 3, 2016 — 5:14 PM


  1. Whatever happened to those really cool Diecast cars called Muscle Machines…!!!
    Muscle machines ??? I really like to know whatever happened to them. It’s really sad that Maisto killed them they were so proud to buy them from the last company that made them.. Maisto advertise them like they were a newborn baby I saw ads that said (“There back”)!!!!! Less than two years later they killed the brand “WHY” soon after they were started they were more popular than Hot Wheels and all the rest.. I was ready to mail a 4 Page Letter for my suggestions and ideas to create several more series Maisto you really disappointed a lot of us.
    Just like years ago when they came out with new Coke or when they thought that mixing coffee with Cola would taste good or making any other bad decisions Maisto you royally screwed up.. Maisto give us back our Muscle Machines before I start buying Hot Wheels again

    1. Hi Robert,

      Maisto didn’t really kill the Muscle Machines brand so much as try to keep it alive, but ultimately couldn’t. Remember that the Funlines brand that created Muscle Machines was bought up and killed off by Action Performance > Motorsport Authentics(the NASCAR diecast people) in the mid-2000s well before Maisto got involved in 2012. Maisto bought the rights to them and tried to make a go of it, but ultimately it was the changing market itself that squashed the Muscle Machines reboot.

      Two things worked against those big-scale Muscle Machines:

      The first is the shift away from brick-and-mortar stores to online sales. One of the things that helped Muscle Machines take off is their visual impact through on their window boxes on store shelves. Stores like KB and Toys R Us have gone under, and stores like Wal-Mart and Target have gone from having entire diecast isles to just a small section — and big 1:18 scale cars are almost never stocked.

      The second is just amount of metal required to cast those bodies. You’ll remember how HEAVY those MM cars were! The price of zinc/zamak has skyrocketed since they first came out, which has made them much more expensive to produce. One of the things that made MM so popular originally was their affordability. If they cost $100+ and were only available online would the demand still be there?

      So its not that Maisto killed the brand. Its more that they couldn’t figure out a way to sell enough of them in the changing market for Muscle Machines to remain profitable.

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