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Die Cast X, the #1 die cast magazine, takes an insider’s look at collecting and the history behind diecast cars and trucks. With award-winning journalists, industry pros and renowned photographers contributing expertly written editorial and visually compelling photography, Die Cast X connects the car lover to the diecast world by focusing on the styles and personalities behind the greatest vehicles. Each issue shows how leading designers and manufacturers translate full-size vehicles into exact scale models, as well as how diecast models have helped shape the automotive industry and motorsports. From muscle, sports and race cars, to trucks, big rigs, choppers, and boats, Die Cast X covers the entire spectrum of diecast from customizing to collecting.


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  1. How many issues are there per year? Die Cast X

    1. Die Cast X is quarterly — it comes out 4x a year.

  2. Hello, I interested in purchasing a copy of the Ford vs Ferrari issue, is it possible to do that. Thank you for any help.

    1. Hi Ron,

      We have many back issues available, including the Ford vs Ferrari issue. You can order them here:

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