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  1. Well done, Wayne, as usual.

  2. Hi Andy
    First time visit to your site and I very excited to be here with some dicast model photos have you been posting. That all photos are originally taken by yourself, I like it!

  3. Welcome!! I cannot say that all photos are taken by us. Sometimes we have to borrow photos from the manufactures if pieces are not available for us to photograph.

  4. i have one no tampos thanks mike now i have find one w/tampos

  5. The one with Tampos will be the easy one Ed! Where did you find the one you have without the tampos?

  6. I have to get me some of them! Very nice!

  7. Since that day Joe introduced us to the little silver Schumatic Porsche 356-A I had to get one. Now I am hood on the quality. I want my next model in the Porsche Line to be the 550 spyder from Schuco.

    when I started I concentrated on Ford must and Fairllane for the 1960s. & Mercedes-Benz racing CMC cars from the bi gone era.

    Now because of the quality and information I owe to my friend Joe Kelly JR and the Legacy 1:18Th forum I have a diverse collection as well as books on the cars and why part they played in history of transportation.

    I am very careful to choose only the best that represent the subject matter at hand. when I finally put the piece of my puzzle together I hope it will represent a diverse collection of American Iron from Ford , Mercedes–Benz, Porsche finest and other diverse diecast models in both 1:24Th scale and 1:18Th scale along with books that can tell the story of automotive transportation and racing of the 20Th century.
    Robert Geco

    1. Hey, Bob –

      You’re one of a VERY few people here in the US who have that Schucomatic car (for those who don’t know what that is, it’s a radio control 1:18 die cast – truly sweet). And I’d highly recommend that Spyder – it’s beautiful.

      Keep up the collecting – there’s a lot of great stuff coming out in the future months, and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

      Thanks for the comment –

      All the Best,


  8. We keep adding 1:64 die-cast cars every day! Be sure to visit us at http://www.lionelnascarcollectables.com to find the latest 1:64 offerings. You can also follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LionelNASCAR

  9. I worked with AutoWorld on these cars and I hope collectors enjoy them. I thought it was cool to see them bring back the color chrome technique for the Centennial cars. The Danube Blue 66 Chevelle is a pretty close replica of a well-known 1:1 and the 70 Chevelle will be painted in special order LeMans Blue and is another replica of a rare and awesome 1:1 70 Chevelle.

  10. Kewl… Glad I discovered this info as I am about to make my mind up on a fairly huge purchase. You really helped me with my market research. I really appreciate it! –Benny.

    1. Hey, Benny –

      Glad you liked it. We’ll be doing a lot more of these in the coming months, so stay tuned!

  11. Dealers who would like information about carrying M4 models can email me directly or forward their information through our Web site, WilliamTell.net. Thank you!

  12. I just cleaaned out my garage and found a Hubley model SJ Dusenberg 1/18th scale in the original box that I never opened the packets and never tried to put together!
    Your article convinced me that I need to find an enthusiast like you who would really do it justice. Thanks . Now to find a buyer>

    1. Hello, Link –

      That’s outstanding! What a find. I don’t know if you do online auctions, but an original kit with all the packets intact – wow. You could be sitting on some extra summertime cash! Of course, you could try to build it – it really is a lot of fun.

      Thanks for sharing the news – and for reading Die Cast X!

      Best Regards,


    2. I built one of those Dusenbergs back in 1969-1970—cherry red over silver. Lots of work filing the excess metal off. I had more patience in my teens. The final product was a beauty. The I went away to a Connecticut boarding school (with the Dusenberg) and some jealous bully kids stole it—probably threw it into the woods where is rusted away. I went looking but could never find it. Now, all these years later I seek another even if partially assembled or unassembled. I would truly appreciate if someone contacted me— Brian Reilly at 209-772-8854. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Elisio –

      We’ve seen these go for between $85.00 and $120.00, depending on the source. Check with your favorite online retailer, or just search “Kyosho Cadillac CTS” and see what you find.

      Good Luck! Thanks for writing – and for reading Die Cast X.

  13. I owned one of these 56 Mercury Montclairs in the ‘orange’ and white tutone color. It was an awesome car, and so is this model of it.

    1. Hey, Duncan –

      Thanks for writing. My neighbor has one in light blue and white. It’s incredible. Sunstar’s been improving their game steadily over the past few years, and I love what they’ve been doing as far as subject matter. Wait ’til you see the ’60 Plymouth Fury they have on deck – wow!

      Thanks again for writing – and for reading Die Cast X.

  14. My partner and I stumbled over here from a different web page and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to checking out your web page again.

  15. Are you going to be in Calif, Los Angeles area in the near future?

    1. We may possibly attend the LA Hot Wheels Convention in October.

      1. You know I’m in if we get the go ahead!

  16. Great looking posts of some cool products! Surf’s up with Greenlight!!!!

  17. I agree that the ’63 ‘Vette is the most iconic of all time. The boattail shape and split window is a great look. I like the hidden headlights, too bad more designers don’t do that better these days.
    I also collect diecast cars and pickups – all 1:18th scale. Its a great hobby.

  18. Great interview with Mike Zarnock! Thanks DiecastX Magazine for plugging the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club.

  19. I was examining some of your content on this internet website and I believe this site is rattling instructive! Keep putting up.

  20. Awesome weblog you’ve got here but I was wondering in case you knew of any forums that cover exactly the same topics talked about here? I’d actually like to be a part of group where I can get suggestions from other experienced men and women that share exactly the same interest. In case you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless you!

  21. I love this car !!! It should be stuck in a box stuck in random shipping box SOLD AT WALMART letting some random Joe score this car making him richer beond his wildest dreams and then some rich guy can jump in and buy back. Sure would make good TV …..get me?

  22. WOW! what a collectable! love to have it. i love the old mopars!

  23. Thank you for this beautifully written review of the upcoming Duesenberg SJ Mormon Meteor. We are so excited about this model. Thomas Wolter and his team of bulders do a fantastic job on all projects they undertake. We understand that Tin Wizard had to have special display cases built for this model because of it’s size and we cannot wait for it’s arrival in December! This would make a great Christmas gift don’t you think?! Make your reservation now!
    Thanks again Joe….. Judy Kirkpatrick/Miniauto.com

  24. The black Chevy Siveraldo has a base change exactly like the 57 Chevy.
    Dan Hammond

  25. Thanx Dan!
    We’ll be on the look-out for that one too!

  26. It was great meeting you. Loved the stuff in your room. Was digging the over sized magazine covers. See you next year.

  27. how do i join also can i buy products from youTHANKS BOB

  28. Not a big fan of police cars, but I’m happy someone has made a version of the current Impala. Maybe someone will do the latest Malibu.

  29. Hello, Bob –

    You can subscribe to Die Cast X by clicking the link on the home page pf this site, and you can also join us on Facebook by “liking” the Die Cast X Facebook page.

    We don’t sell models, we just review them. For this piece, you can try DHS Collectibles or 3000Toys.com.

    Thanks for reading!

  30. Nice meeting you Greg, nice talking to you., keep in touch.., thanx for the great pics!!!

  31. Fantastic looking model! Wow, I just cannot wait to see this in person. They make such fine models.

  32. I would buty one of thses in a box frame, but i would choose a fav Mopar.

  33. The engine and the performance of this sedan is spectacular.But in some aspects it cannot beat infiniti other racer car. As soon as possible this car is going to be launched and it will definitely rule present market.It has got an great acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 6to7 sec.

  34. Founders Edition is now available unsigned for $95.

    The closed edition is available in Safety Orange, Safety Red and will be available in late December in Safety SunTan and Safety White.

    This means all 5 safety colors that the Bricklin was produced in during its 1974 to 1976 will have been produced.

    Thank you,
    James Cowen

  35. Griffith Series 600 is now available unsigned for $95.

    Thank you,
    James Cowen

  36. Hello everyone,

    Thank you for viewing my interview with Mike.

    Hot Cases storage containers were designed for Hot Wheels blisters exclusively. We since added the die-cut foam insert to store loose cars in a safe environment. We started business in 2002 to help collectors store and organize their collection.

    Last year we launched a new project called scOOmer.com. (A merging of my name) It is an eCommerce sales platform for all collectors to Buy and Sell. Different from conventional platforms, we have one low monthly fee for our services. The theory is you have a webstore amongst common interested people.

    Currently we are offering a “Free Trial” until Sept of 2012. No gimmicks, just a chance to try! Stop by and read more about all the functions and benefits.

    Scott Meyer

  37. That’s the best way to get these….at a discount! I think this series will be great!

  38. Scott has a great product and is a great friend.
    Be sure to give Scoomer a try!

    Bryan Pope

  39. Um, the Bullitt Charger is a ’68, NOT a ’69 and it ran LOTS of HUBCAPS not Magnum 500’s. This does not bode well…

  40. I would like to thank you all for my prize, it arrived in the mail today. I have a house full of die cast on shelves so now i gotta find somewhere to put it. Thank you all. John Savile.

    1. Great news, John! Enjoy! And remember – part of the fun is making the models all fit!

  41. “the collectors who will make up the bulk of the buying public for this A-Team piece couldn’t care less if the door hinges are dog-legs, or if the side door doesn’t open…”

    I can’t disagree with this statement more. These are the two main complaints about this release from the bulk of collectors. Real aspect hinges and fully opening features are expected on any 1/18 die-cast that demands a price over $100.00. To make that statement is a cop-out. I think Hot Wheels did a great job on capturing the A-Team Van but why couldn’t they produce the level of detail and quality that the Ecto-1 release had? I’m guessing here, but I’m sure it’s a certain custom car designer that needed a paycheck for this to be released. I highly doubt we will ever see real aspect hinges or a sliding door on this van even if a Super D Duper Elite is released. We all speculated and dreamed of what the Super Elite 1966 Batmobile would include for our extra $200 and what did we get? Same Bat-leg hinges on the same Bat-release as the Elite but with a MINOR amount of parts upgraded, oh, and a useless base. Why? Because of that mentality you just presented in your article. Seriously, they (the manufacturers) need to realize that TV and Movie cars are where the money is IF they are done correctly and to as high standards that the “different crowd….who collect the company’s Ferrari-licensed replicas” would accept. I have just as many high-end, seemingly majestic die-casts as I do TV and Movie cars, a die-cast collector is a die-cast collector, we all want the best bang for the buck, there is no separation of what a collector wants from their pieces based on the genre they collect, that’s a horrible way to think. If that’s how the manufacturers are thinking then that explains the “good enough” attitude we have seen from so many companies on so many releases. Why not say what’s really the truth here, Hot Wheels had a really good plan…..it just didn’t come together fully, and collectors prefer it when a plan comes together.

    1. Hello, Gregg –

      Thanks for the comments. You make a lot of good points. And though I’m not looking to start a tug of war, I’d like to explain mine.

      When I said “bulk of the buying public for this A-Team piece”, I meant exactly that. The bulk of the audience who will get excited over, then buy this model, are not real diecast collectors. They’re TV fans and movie car collectors. They aren’t the type of collectors who are more informed about, and demand more detail from, their models – the “bulk of collectors” you’re talking about.

      I consider myself among that more informed crowd. And if this was a model of a stock GMC van at this price point, I’d probably pass because it didn’t have the features you mention. But here is what I know to be true: guys like us who collect TV cars, as well as high end models, are in the minority by a wide margin. And we’re definitely not the audience this model was truly intended for. According to a Mattel insider I spoke with when the A-Team van and the “Ecto-1” were first announced (and reps I spoke with when Ertl /RC2 did movie properties, back in the day), the models in a series like this are aimed more at movie fans who will add these diecasts to their collection alongside posters, figures, and other memorabilia. More often than not, this type of collector does not regularly collect diecast model cars unless the models are connected to a movie, a TV show, or a celebrity.

      Remember, the manufacturers are always looking at the bottom line. And the license fees and legalities for a TV or movie model are multiples of what the license for a normal car would cost. You’re right when you say that some Hollywood designer needed a paycheck for the Batmobile. So did everyone at Universal Studios who had a creative stake in the A-Team, as well as GMC, BF Goodrich, and a few others who no doubt had their part in creating the van and the intellectual property behind the TV series. In some cases, there are actors who own pieces of TV shows as part of their contracts. That means they get a piece of anything that gets sold, including buttons, posters… or diecast model cars. I’m not saying that’s the case with the A-Team, but it’s a definite possibility.

      Another thing: when it comes to planning and building a special release, the manufacturers also have to think past the initial decoration the mold will wear, and wonder what they can do with the mold set once its first release is finished. In this case, there were already several GMC/Chevy vans sold in 1:18; Highway 61 kind of struggled to sell those. That must have had Mattel wondering if adding the extra bells and whistles to this van tool would pay off down the road in future decorations. Adding those things would have bumped the price up a lot on the initial release, too, and that probably would have scared off a slew of those TV fans.

      Taken in that context, when you compare this GMC van to the base ’59 Caddy Miller/Meteor mold set used for the Ecto-1, which is a car that hasn’t ever been done well in high detail (and definitely has more potential down the road – surf wagons, hearses, Kustom pieces), it’s pretty much a dead end.

      By the way, it’s not just Mattel. I know of a main line manufacturer right now that’s on the fence over a license for an upcoming summer film sequel that’s going to be a blockbuster. Unfortunately, the “star car” they’ve been offered the exclusive on is a truly boring machine when it’s not done up in its movie deco and special packaging, so they may pass, because it’ll be a dead end once enthusiasm for the film fades. But they know that the alternative is to pay the license, and make the car in a lower-detail variant that the movie buffs can swing, so the company can make a profit. Most “real” model collectors will pass. But, again – that’s not who they’re trying to sell to.

      Catering to Ferrari guys is a whole lot easier for Hot Wheels Elite, licensing-wise: unless you’re replicating a liveried car with sponsor decals, etc., you just have to pay Ferrari. It’s expensive, for sure, but it’s a lot less layered, and far fewer parties are involved. Less parties, less licensing; less licensing, more money in the pot for real hinges, photoetched pieces, and really sweet model cars.

      Just so you know where I’m coming from: I’m not defending the manufacturers by saying any of this. Nor do I have any sway on what they do, or how they do it. I’m just putting what I know out there on the table as way of explaining my comment. I hope that helps.

      Thanks for reading Die Cast X.

      Best Regards,


  42. Mike is a GREAT guy and a huge help when it comes to Hot wheels Variations.What can you say about a person with the collection he has but AWESOME!

  43. I agree with David, no Magnums! Plus the tires’ white stripe should be way thinner and definitely not that close to the rim. Plus there were no bumper brackets in the movie. And it’s BuLLitt, not Bulitt 😉

  44. Thnak Joe!. Matt and I are flattered by your kind words. It drives us to be all the more certain that the products we offer from Luxury will simply be the best there is!

  45. Excellent article and description of the Kyosho Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. The amount of detail and realism is truly impressive for a Shelby Cobra diecast. Almost makes you wish you could jump in, fire the bad boy up, and take it for a spin.

  46. Do not care for it. It looks a kit car.

  47. Hello, Bob –

    The real cars are no kit cars – they’re actual Porsche 962s that have been stripped, rebuilt, and made (somewhat) civilized. The price tag is around $1,200,00.00 each!

    The model is extremely well done – sharp castings, very good external (and visible interior) detail.

  48. Hi all…
    Judy here. The Bauer MB Speziale Roadster can be ordered on our website: http://www.miniauto.com or via email: Dave@Miniauto.com … or just plan to give me a call !
    I will be working tomorrow 11-4pm (if I can get out of my driveway, that is). A lake effect storm is due tonight!
    Have a great weekend, enjoy the games and stay warm:)

  49. I’ve been a long time fan of Mario Andretti and have a lot of the diecast versions of cars that he raced. I’m waiting for Minichamps or TrueScale Miniatures to make a really good version of Andretti’s 1978 F-1 champion winning Lotus 79. I really enjoy your Die Cast-X mag and it’s the first thing I check out when it comes in the mail. It keeps me up on all the news in the world of diecast cars. Keep up the good work. Thanks! (P.S. an Exoto version of that Lotus 79 would be cool to…..expensive but cool)

  50. Great job Joe…it had to be a blast to hang with Mario

  51. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I bought my first ones before they hit the big stores, I hope Maisto does them justice

  52. That is one SWEET piece Joe. Would love to add one to my collection. Will keep my eyes open for sure.
    Thanks Buddy.

  53. Awesome, hopefully some new models, I’ve got most of the originals.

  54. Hello, Frank –

    Yeah, this is a beautiful model. This company makes some very offbeat (and very cool) models in 1:43, and they’re real car guys. I hope they continue making this kind of stuff, for all of us who appreciate off-the-beaten-path collectibles in scale.

    Thanks for checking it out!

    All the Best,


  55. I have always beleived in this line … I was never a collector before Muscle Machines. They got me wanting more from the very 1st car. It is great news to hear Rohan Day will still be doing the art ! I have tried to collect other brands of 1/64th die cast, but Muscle Machines are all that can fill my need for Muscle cars – Hot~Rods !!! The outrageous motors busting outta the hoods, the big beefy tires & headers dragin under the finns, flames and candy apple paint ! Those who say they would like them if it wasn’t for exaggerated engines & cartoon like appearance JUST DON”T UNDERSTAND ! Muscle Machines are for us real car people who still beleive in American Muscle. Bring that Baddass line back !

  56. Is Greenlight making a dukes of hazzard 1/18 charger too?

    1. Yes they will be, but to our understanidng it will be only an international offering and not sold in the US

  57. I filled out the “Share Your Collection” but not sure if it went, can you send me a confirmation?

    1. We did get it – you will see it up soon

  58. I’m a fan of the great 956 & 962s, can’t wait to get my hands on this one! Just wondering if it’s a sealed body shell or does it have opening parts?

    1. Hello, James –

      It’s a sealed model, but you can see virtually all of the interior detailing thanks to the clarity of the “glass”. We’ll be doing a video review of this one shortly, but if you like it you might not want to wait! Thanks for visiting DCXmag.com.

      – Joe

  59. I was stationed in Germany and saw these cars on the road. I was a very fortunate buyer at a toy show recently. I was able to buy one for only $5.00 and I have a Goggomobile, a Lloyd, and the Isetta as well all made by Revell

  60. The LOPRO Series resembles the old DUB City models….

  61. I bought my 1934 Cadillac in 2008 from a private collector for $40.00. I agree that it is a great model for the money and I haven’t seen one at any toy shows since I bought mine. I would like to get the Lincoln also but haven’t seen one for sale lately. I remember seeing advertising for the Dixie but never saw one for sale. This Cadillac is so big I had to put it in a separate display cover on top of my display cabinet as it is too long to fit inside.

  62. Just received the Brawner Hawk from replicarz and am favorably impressed. The details are done well and the red paint is color-accurate and properly applied. First resin car and cannot tell by looking at it that it isn’t die cast.

  63. HI Joe, didn’t know you were back! I missed you! I’m your italian fan that wrote you about the meaning of the sponsor Totip on Ferrari F40 HW elite…

  64. Hi Joe

    all things considered i have to agree with Gregg on the issues of details left out on this model A team van for the price of over $100.00 we do want more bang for our buck ….. the hinges are a let down , the side door not opening is a let down and why put totally the wrong exhaust on this model …..why ??
    there is a lot of collects out there like myself who do collect TV and Movie Die cast models there is lots of models to collect and there is demand for detail and getting it right
    we are still waiting on a few models to come our way like the Fall Guys Truck ..! would be a good one..
    Yes this A team van is a good model but it does fall short of being a great model
    its already in my collection 1.18 scale and 1.43 scale but i will always look at this model and think they just missed out on getting it right but a least its here

    best regards


  65. I have the blue 1961 Kennedy Lincoln and the quick fix black version Lincoln and they are very nice. I would like to have the other President versions as well but have not seen them at any toy shows lately. I haven’t checked on E-bay for a while and usually find the freight charges to be more than I’m willing to pay. I enjoy reading the articles about die cast that I have in my collection.

  66. Is anyone EVER going to make the 1:18 Trans Am 2.5 Challenge versions of these cars??? The Herb Wetson entries would be outrageous!

  67. Thanks for the info! Now to track one down.. hopefully in black

  68. I would love to see this car in 1:18 as a sedan or wagon version. More from the 50s and 60s in sedan or wagon versions would be nice too.

  69. Where will I be able to buy the two new Wild Cards tow trucks? I really want to buy both, and there are not many hobby shops were I live (actually none at all). I have a hard time buying M2 Machines, except on eBay or Walmart and they never have the new or the very old M2 Machines cars or trucks. I am hoping you can give me a good place to buy them either on line or a hobby shopp near me.

    Thanks so much, John Gasper

    1. Hello, John –

      Sorry to hear about your dilemma. The best advice we can give is to check M2’s web site. Click the “Where to Buy” tab and take a look at the online retailers that M2 has been working with. You may even be able to pre-order pieces before they ship from the manufacturer – and that’s a guarantee that you’ll get the new stuff without having to sweat finding the cars at your local stores (or lack thereof). Thanks for reading Die Cast X!

  70. how do you polish model cars, with no swirls

    1. Hello, David –

      It depends on the finish we’re working on. If the paint is mildly scratched, before we go for the final shine, we’ll use a good quality cleaner and GENTLY work out the scratches. Be careful around the tops of fenders or any sharp edges on the car, or you can work right through the paint. Meguiar’s number 7 “Show Car Glaze” is good for that, and it isn’t too aggressive – but watch out for any tamped-on decorations, or decals and trim bits. Use a soft rag that isn’t too big – you don’t want to snag anything. Follow up with Meguiar’s number 26 “Hi-Tech Yellow Wax” for a shine. Clean any wax out of door seams, etc., with a pointed cotton swab or a napkin twisted to a point.

      For a final gloss, we use a product called “Die Cast Delight”, offered through GoMotorBids.com. Use a microfiber cloth, and SPRAY THE CLOTH, not the car, before buffing. The stuff works on windows, paint, chrome – everything. We’d advise avoiding any flat black areas with it, but if you do hit those, just work more of the DCD into the area for an even matte finish.

      Enjoy! Post some pictures on our Facebook page when you’re done.

  71. I have been customizing 1/18th muscle cars since they came out in the 1990s. I am alway looking on the internet for a site that shows
    customizing and making drag cars in 1/18th from scratch like I do, but I have not found anything yet I have around 900 cars and trucks, part of them in a large diorama that I would like to get on the internet to show people
    what I do with my diecast. Any suggestions? Thanks P.B.

  72. These haulers are great! I tried to buy them at the Diecast Space Super Convention and they were all sold out before I could get them….!

  73. What scale is it?

    1. It is a 1:18

  74. I hope Die Cast X magazine does a 10 or 20 page photo article of the new Muscle Machines. I cant find any good photos to drool over. Maybe Maisto will do a photographic press release to show us what to expect. I really cant wait to see the production cars of all scales. I have heard that Walmart was severely limiting 1/18 scale vehicles because they took up to much room for them but hopefully the recession will change there thinking and allow 1/18 scale again.
    Hurry Maisto

  75. Nice model, sits a little tall, and front clipseems a bit flat. The earlier efforts of RC2 undercut Lane Autmotive’s Exact Detail with the same subject as a lower price point car. A bad/unfair move on the part of GM licensing.

  76. I have a “few” Danbury models and they are indeed nice with good construction and fit of doors, hood and trunk. I just purchased a 1948 Chrysler from a private collector for $45.00 which I am waiting to receive. I’m hoping that it is as nice as your review indicates. My collection keeps growing as I now have over 1900. I enjoy reading your reviews.

    1. Hello, Jim – Thanks for the kind words. The ’48 Chrysler is a keeper – I’be had it for a long time now, and it’ll never leave the premises, LOL! Good luck with that new purchase – let us know how you fare when it arrives – and thanks for reading DCX!

  77. Andy,

    A fair review – but as the best for the price not the best overall. It sits too high on the suspension and is a bit too narrow. Still doesn’t hold a candle to CMC’s version, but price alone will convince most buyers.
    And, say, hasn’t hot Wheels come a long way recently, especially their newly designed models. They really hit the mark in wire wheels, perhaps taking pointers from Kyosho’s 250 GTOs. Also, the 599XX is a steal at less than $70 if you like contemporary Ferraris.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Maurice! And we agree… though there are more detailed (and commensurately more expensive) models of this subject on the market, this one seems to represent Mattel’s huge improvement as a provider of very nice models at an affordable price. And we love those wheels, too; Hot Wheels Elite is using some very advanced techniques to make their products all the more attractive. Thanks for reading DCX!

  78. Great review of these fantastic cars! They’ve been some of our top selling products for more than a decade, and fans continue to discover them for their own collections.

    Would love to include your video review with our listings of these cars. Will this video be uploaded to your Youtube Channel? We’d love to link to it!


    1. Hi, Stephen –

      Thanks for the kind words. We’re posting more videos over the next few weeks, but they’ll all be here on the DCX site for now. Thanks for checking it out !

      Best Regards,


  79. fi too love these cars at one time i had 400 24th scale and over 1500 hot wheels and the colection became part of a divorce and they were a issue and lost them all, know i am starting over and the fuel alterds are now new and thrilling . thanks dennis.

  80. Hello Joe
    I have the 1942 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon that I purchased for $60.00 from a private collector in Florida in 2008. It is in perfect shape and as usual, it is a very detailed model with a roof rack and 3 piece rear door opening. If you don’t have one, you should be looking for one. It’s a real show piece. My 1948 Chrysler should be here tomorrow as my daughter is bringing it back after her vacation in Florida.

  81. i need a 1:18 black 2012 CTS coupe……..

  82. I would love this car in my collection as I really liked the evolution cars is there any chance we would see it sold in Calgary Alberta Canada

  83. I would love to have this in a 1:18 scale! Then again, it wouldn’t be bad as it is. Providing I had the funds to buy it!

  84. My wife recently purchased the M2 machines 1970 Buick GSX die cast and in the frenzy of going thru the mass amounts of boxes they had at Wal-Mart, she took this one home. She presented it to me as the car “she always wanted” and I noticed they forgot to include the MOTOR! The box was never opened (still isn’t) and I’m curious if you or anyone would know if this was an error by the manufacture and if there are anymore like this out there? It still has the rubber-band wrapped around the nose to keep the hood closed in the package. I’m wondering if this was pot luck and if there’s any value? Please advise if you can help out 🙂

    1. This would be considered an error car and there are many collectors who seek these types of oddities. Yes it does happen every now and then – but your in luck becyase M2 Machines is one of the best customer service oriented companies out there- just touch base with them via their website m2machines.com and let them know – I have seen this mentioned once or twice before on oher websites and I know they replaced the vehicles in both instances.

  85. With the economy the way it is, there is not room for speculators in this hobby, and IMHO that’s what MIB people are. All my stuff is displayed. I have no “trailer queens”. At one time I had over 1000 die casts.

  86. I got my 48 Chrysler and it is in great shape with paperwork and the original invoice for $135.00 + $8.10 for shipping. I think the trunk support to hold the trunk open is quite an innovation. This model is indeed a keeper. Keep going with your reviews, I’ll be happy to comment on the models that I have.

  87. I take all my models out of the boxes and discard the boxes. Where would I store boxes for 1900 models? I collect my models because I like cars & trucks, I don’t collect them for their monetary value. Many of my models came from other collectors and also from toy shows. Many of the models that I purchase are bought for a fraction of the original cost. I also like to apply some minor modifications like painted bumper brackets, or black accent in the chrome grill, or silver rings on the wheels. To some this is decreasing the value, to me this is making the models more realistic. To each his own ideas.

  88. Looks like a stylized interpretation of the 1967 Ford J-Car.

  89. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to leave them in the box, when so many examoles of diecast have so many features to behold. I agree that leaving them in the box is for dealers, not for those of us who need to relive the classic days of true works of art. Open the box (store it), hold the diecast, and behold all its features…

  90. I have around 450 die cast cars on display in the mirrored clear cases. Most are 1/18th with 200 in 1/24th. I have every box stored neatly in an unused 4th bed room and 2 closets. The boxes do take up space no doubt, but if I ever do give the cars away or sell them, it seems to make sense to me, to have the boxes. I still consider all of my cars “mint in the box” as no dust or sun light or humid conditions, or other adverse conditions such as handling, have impacted my cars. My wife has made my lower level living room into a musuem, the Exoto and other high end limited edition cars, warrant having the boxes as well as all paper work involved. I did not start to collect for investment purposes, it just turns out the brands that I’ve collected have gone up very much in value through the last 14 years or so.

  91. Maybe it’s just me, but this car like some others have a shiny and dull axle version. Small, yet where do you draw the line?

    1. Lesa,
      Are you talking about the wheels? I’m sorry, but I can’t see the axles.

  92. I sure do hope GL makes in 1/18 the 1983 Daytona 500 Pace Car. Now that would be SWEEEEEEET! I did email them that thought but never got anything from them. I will say it would be a crime for GL not to make the 1983 Daytona PC especially if they do every other year but that. Among other things about the 1983 Pace Car are those sexy BOWLING BALL HUBCAPS. In fact, no 1/18 scale Trans Am model from any manufacturer has Pontiac-based Bowling Ball hubcaps thus far. That will be the day.

  93. I have over 300 1/18 scale diecast and all are displayed in crystal clear plastic cases hanging on the wallas of my “Toy Room”. How could I and others enjoy them locked in a box?

  94. Thanks Joe, I did what you said, check the M2 web site, I was able to find some very nice M2 cars,john

  95. which one is the variation the kmart one or walmart one

    1. The Kmart was the first release, so anything after that is a variation.

  96. Been a collector since 1996 starting with 1:24 Nascar and 1:18 Ertl AM. Around 1997 I got a dealers license so my personal collection and inventory are sometimes interchangeable if you know what I mean. I have always saved boxes just because of the selling end but so often I have seen collectors who SWORE they would never sell do an about face for one reason or another. Without boxes you might as well figure your collectible is worth half as much as it would be with the box.

    As per your comments I would like to add that in the old days collectors do wanted MIB or NRFB (Never Removed From Box) but these days many collectors want their cars checked out before shipping. With the numerous problems nowadays with damage or missing parts it gets aweful expensive refunding or reshipping replacements, especially overseas. Best to check out a model before shipping.

    1. Hey, Mike –

      You’re absolutely right – and you raise a good point about retailers and collectors having to check models out. Thanks for chiming in!

      – Joe

  97. I have over 200 1/18ths on display in glass cases. I been a collector and opener since my first diecast, a 1/18th Dale Earnhardt Lumina in 1991. I have many of the boxes from recent buys, but not all of them. The market for diecast varies so much I can’t worry about the “value”. I like them so I buy them, atleast until I run out of room.

  98. Joe,
    Great review of a fun line of diecasts. I have 3 of them, only missing the version with train wheels.


    1. Hi, Ryan –

      Thanks! They’re a lot of fun. Vitesse also makes these in 1:43… and the good news is that the company is being handled by Sunstar.

      Thanks for reading DCX!

      All the Best,


  99. I have most of the 1st gen. muscle machines and I was hoping you would come out with different motor configuration , like carb w/chrome aircleaner. Just something different than what was. also maybe some new camaros mustangs and challengers.

  100. I have been a diecast collector for over 40 years and have a collection of over 7,000 cars in all scales. I currently have approx 350 cars on display in display cases. I have kept all the boxes and packing as I periodically rotate the cars that are on display at which time they are put back into the boxes just as they came. I do not worry much about market value too much because not all will increase in value but they are cars i like to have in my collection. I am a collector not a seller with a life long love of all cars both real and diecast. Everyone who sees the cars on display even if they are not car people are totally amazed when they see my collection on display.

  101. For about ten years I have collected diecast cars in all scales, (and) up until this past year I thought that keeping them in boxes would hold their value. But I’ve learned that THREE KEY THINGS WILL COMBINE TO RUIN YOUR MODEL. If you display your model in a room where there’s a lot of sunlight, the display box and the model will get bleached out. If you display in a basement, the box can become damp and brittle. If you have children who are curious, they can rip open the blister packs. THAT GETS ME MAD. So, I just started displaying them in my office and my shop. I will always try to keep my cars in the original package(s), but I will be flexible in the future.



  104. What price are we looking at for this car? Obviously the downturn and current climate is having an effect on us all.
    Be kind

  105. I believe the engine should have Chrome Valve covers & Air cleaner (as in “Happy Birthday General Lee”).

  106. I am a modifier, I even tweak some of the Danbury & Franklin Mint models. I paint wheels, bumper brackets, under fenders, behind the grills, inside the trunk and any thing else that doesn’t look the way I want it to look. I also on occasion will switch to different wheels or modify the suspension to either raise or lower the model to sit at the right stance. I like a model to look as real as possible. I have added fender skirts, mirrors, or mud guards on some models if I think it adds to the overall good looks. I consider these changes to be improvements, but that’s only “MY” opinion. The major factor here is, I’m doing what I Like

  107. This was a Ford family year for us, I had a 64 Galaxie 500 two door hardtop, so did my dad and my couzin and my uncle. I even remember the colors, mine was Pagoda green, My dads was dark blue matalic, my uncle’s was yellow and my couzin’s was white with a black vinal roof…
    I remember them well. Look foward to the relese.
    PS: they all sold for between $2800 and $3000.. nicely equiped…oh well

  108. what else can i add 64 vwas a favorite year for us..

  109. Just now getting into collecting die cast. I have a theme that I am trying to follow and this little piece of info has been quite helpful.

    I am going to open my models and probably display them in custom cases as I accumulate sufficient numbers to put in cases.

    I have collected other items before and I never had much luck when reselling. Never have been able to get more than half value for anything so if that’s case, I’ll definitely be opening my die cast.

  110. I have a Duesenberg Model SJ Town car that dad assembled in the original box.. Is it worth anything since it is assembled? Thanks for a response. Paula

    1. Hi, Paula –

      Are you referring to a plastic kit – like the Monogram model from the ‘seventies – or a built-up metal model? The plastic kits probably won’t fetch much in built-up state (unless the build is very good), but the metal kits can still get decent money if the finished model is in good shape and has all of its parts.

  111. I am an expert model car builder with 49 years building. 0 reason to EVER destroy the value of a die cast by modifing..it ain’t worth a dime once its modified, YES I can detail it, or paint it better than stock…why? No legitimate reason to at all..that is why there are die cast kits resin kits and model kits. No need to ruin the valus by taking changes that really devalue the car. I would purshase a junked die cast to “rescue” it to a higher level to show case my skills, never a new die cast out of the box/

  112. I generally buy cars with specific “ends” in mind. If there’s a diecast available that matches that end, I’ll leave it as-is and be happy. If I need to make some changes, I’ll add/change details, swap wheels, repaint it, cut it up for parts, etc. with no problem.

  113. I, too, am a modifier. And I am also a decal maker. I collect mostly 1:18 scale race cars and like to make cars that the manufacturer hasn’t yet made, or ones that they will never make. I also correct livery on the race cars that has been done poorly or not done at all. Two of my mod projects have become articles featured in DiecastX Magazine : one about mod’ing the Mattel HotWheels Ferrari 512S of Nick Mason into the car that Mario Andretti used to start the 1970 12 Hours of Sebring. The other was a “prototype” white Exoto Corvette Grand Sport Roadster that was modified with Chaparral livery. On the Grand Sport, this was a “fantasy car” and a “back story” was created with story and pictures to support that this car had actually existed. Of course, it hadn’t. There exists the question of whether the mod’ing increases or decreases the value of the model. I suspect this is affected by the quality of the work and finding the right buyer. I have sold several of my mod projects for many times what I paid for the donor car. I just requires finding the right purchaser. But I primarily do the mod’ing for my own enjoyment and so the value to some other collector is mostly irrelevant to me.

  114. I do modifacations such as cutting off roofs to make convertiables out of 1/18 models that you can not buy that way. I have also taken a stock model & made a real sleeper buy installing souped up engines. I have made hard tops out of convertiables. I have done complete repaints. Changed tires & wheels. I have also repainted complete interiors & installed carpeting. I can not afford to do the real thing so this is the next best thing . Plus I realy enjoy doing this stuff.

  115. I will do modifications on some of the lower cost ones to make them look the way I like them by chopping and dropping ,some times I will make my own frame to lower them to get the right ride height chop the roof if needed to get the look I that I am going for as well as the wheels and motor, will be changed and give it a better paint job

  116. Update on the Bauer Roadster from Judy@JMmodelautos.com

    1935 Mercedes Benz 500K Roadster should be available later on this year. We understand all problems have been ironed out at the factory and production has resumed. My husband Mike and I have begun JMmodelautos.com and are carrying this model. We cannot wait to see it. Pre-Orders are strongly suggested. Hope to talk to you soon!
    Judy Kirkpatrick

  117. I have heard that m2 machines did not realease the new wild cards tow trucks,for this April, so why, what’s going on with the release ????? I ordered two tow trucks, the blue flamed one and the red flamed tow truck from diecast alley,they was to be shipped for this March, April..diecast alley said they haven’t realesed them yet, so why,why why ???? does anyone know why or when m2 will release them?
    thanks so much,john

  118. Hi, I’m from Sydney Aust and I’m looking for this CMC Model I’ve had the opportunity some months ago to buy it but like everything things have to be in their order and spending almost $500 on a model such as this I think would have ended any relationship I have at present.
    I own 5 CMC model at this time and I have a few hundred Biante, & Classic Carlectable Models I also collect Franklin Mint Bikes but since I discovered these CMC Model’s a few months ago I’ve been on a real bender to get a few more. I’m after the Uhlenhaut, and the Mazza 250F with the Merc in the first order. I really enjoyed the read on this featured model today I have read it in the Benz books but haven’t tired of reading about this car I’m after the Blue Interior but I’m saving for both cars if there are any left to buy in the future Thanks for writing about this Magic SLR. Chris Jupp

  119. I read this review sometime ago and glad that you guys posted it up again for those who missed it. It’s great timing too for me because I just met the guy behind BRE just a few days ago… Mr. Peter Brock. It was cool to have finally met him in person… all the more, get him to sign my copy of this model. And you know what made the meetup even much cooler? John Morton was with him at the Shelby Cobra 50th Reunion here in Cali… two great icons signing one awesome model for me… it doesn’t get better than that… Thanks a lot Kelly for this review!!! (BTW, it was so cool to have met you too this evening…)

  120. I have one of these cars. It comes with 2 black panels, one semi-bent with 3 notches & odd shaped hole and the other is smaller curved piece with two side wings. Do you know what these are for? They are pictured, but not mentioned in the owner’s manual.

  121. I have the Fast and the Furious 1970 Charger from the series, as well as the ’68 Bullitt Charger. Greenlight did a fantastic job here. I’m going to grab that Mustang soon, that’s for sure. The Two Lane Blacktop GTO is also on my want list.

  122. I to am looking for a 1:18 scale and cant seem to find

  123. kelly, great interview !
    congratulations keep it up,

  124. The 45th Anniversary Camaro is truly an awesome machine in all its complexity and a work of art in its design. Thank you very much for making a version thats looks as good in my display case as it does in my garage.

  125. If one day I win the lottery first thing to buy is a II deor

  126. Great Vid guys!

  127. Fantastic stuff Joe!
    Rarely do we get to see a model of this stature in this form. It’s very interesting for us afficiando’s of DCX!

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  128. Andy,
    is this the car Bubba Watson bought? Nice write up, and a cool collectible! Can’t wait to get this one!


  129. What a video!!!!!! M2 looks great, and is obviously a big time supplier to the industry.

    Amazing models, just great! When can I get a DCX Truck!!!


  130. It is good that this model has been upgraded. One has to ask though, it it worth paying a hundred dollars for a duded up toy made from a very old tool that sold for less than $50 a few years ago. I for one will take my money elsewhwere (like Highway 61).

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  133. Hi fellow collectors! JohnRino here from DiecastDemon. I’ve been with scOOmer since last year. It’s a fantastic place for buyers & sellers. My biggest criteria as a seller was navigation, I can easily navigate and list in seconds (and buyers have the same great ease of navigation, search options, and payment options. scOOmer offers free trial till September right now, too good to pass up.

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    Ciao for now,JohnRino

  134. This is a great kit.But,how do you remove some of the chrome plating?????????I’ve try just about everything. They’re right it’s NOT YOUR FATHER CHROME PLATING.

    1. Hello, Charlie –

      Thanks for writing. Which chrome plating are you trying to remove? Maybe we (or a reader) can help.

  135. Come one come all to the land of plenty…
    Plenty of awesome things to look at and buy, that is!!

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    Come to my scOOmer page and you will see a collection of things like nowhere else on the net; new items, old items, used items, rare items and everything in-between! We’re talking die-cast , action figures, sports cards, movie memorabilia and posters, Pez dispensers, Disney and other hat pins, racing memorabilia, toy convention items and apparel, and much, much more! Too much to list here!

    As previously stated Mr. Scott will do everything he can to make your visit as convenient and pleasant as possible, so be sure to drop in to scOOmer for any and all of your collecting needs!
    Happy Hunting,

  136. As much as I liked the tv show { Daisy Duke is HOT, ssshwing ! } And I love all Mopars, I agree with you Richard . This diecast needs to be put to bed. Especially at what the price is. Let it go Auto World and do something else like a stock version of the Dodge Magnum.

  137. I am glad to see Acme offer these pieces for do-it-yourselfers. The engines and wheels are what I like. Acme personnel are great to their customers on the phone as well when I had some issues with assembling the Fiat altered kit.

  138. I thought that the MIB 3 car was a 1966 Falcon Coupe.

  139. Andy
    I think you have a typo in your article – looks like a 1963 Chev truck – not a 1953

    1. Thanks for the catch Jim – Your right – we pulled it right off of Greenlight’s website and will let them know of their error too.

  140. I collect pre-1970 cars for the most part. I started about thirty years ago, when my son bought me a 1:18 scale Jaguar XKE .
    Like many others, I was hooked! Being on a limited budget, I scoured hobby shops, websites and E-Bay for bargains. My den was taken over by shelves for my growing 1:18 collection. Smaller shelves were built in to accommodate 1:64, 1:32, 1:43, and 1:24/25 .
    I also added a few 1:12 scale cars. What catches my attention first is scale accuracy. Several years ago, Ertl announced that the were going to produce a 1:18 1955 Chevy…..my favorite car. I was thrilled until I saw it. he car was perfect, except for the grille which was horribly wrong. They produced ans sold thousands of that model for years without correcting it, but I never warmed up to it because of the grill being set wrong.

    Welly made a number of cool fifties cars for little money, and they looked great for the price, except they looked bent in the middle. Am I the only one who notices these things?

    Second to accuracy is attention to detail, followed by fit and finish. I’m not a fan of the distorted cars with the rad wheels, etc., such as those made by Jada, but I did enjoy those made by Muscle Machines a few years ago in1:64 and 1:18 scale,

    I’d like to see more variety in fifties American cars at reasonable prices.

  141. Easy on the coffee Joe. How excited can one guy get?
    Great road trip – wish I was along for the ride.

  142. im new at this i was wandering if anyone could help i found a skull crusher #209 and i believe it to be an error packaging from what iv seen on other sights my question is is something like this rare or is it normal the car it facing the wrong way is there other like this car out or is there only one

    thank you

  143. Hi Andrea,
    Thanx for stopping by.
    What you have there is just a packaging error. It is not rare or valuable.

  144. that’s good news, I’m a great fun on sun star. I was wondering where I can find sun star die cast in seattle WA? Hope you can point me to the right direction, been searching in the net but no success.


  145. I collect several scales from 1/64th, 1/43rd, 1/32-34th 1/24-25th, 1/18th, and 1/16th. I try to buy the more economical versions but I do sometimes purchase the more expensive models in the $50.00 plus category if it is a model of a car I once owned. I also some times pass up a model if it isn’t true enough in appearance. My collection of over 1900 models does include some models that I would like to see in better proportions and closer to the original car, but I bought because it has a special meaning to me. I also noticed some of the Welly models look bent in the middle and I didn’t buy for that reason. So in general I try to buy for the price advantage, and usually try to buy at auction or toy shows to get that better price. I haven’t so far, spent over $85.00 for a single model. It is getting harder to get some of the more detailed models I want for the price I’m willing to pay, but the “HUNT” is still fun.

  146. Andy, do you know if the Cadillac’s 36268 – 36271 are 43 or 18 scale? I believe this would be a whole new mold should it be 18 scale.

    1. Tim –

      We’ll give these guys a call, but these look like 1:43 to us, with the sealed doors, etc. Anson did a 1:18 ’53 a while back. Sunstar does a ’58 Buick in 1:18, too.

  147. Its a very sweet looking replica! I just hope I can afford one before they go out of production.

  148. Really neat Andy.
    Very nice for Round 2, and cool.

  149. How’s things?, is anyone able to recommend on free ebay software that can auto-bid just as the auction ends? (I forget the correct term for this. thankyou

    1. I am not sure of any myself

  150. Great time! Thanks, Joe!!!

  151. Although 1/18 is the main focus of my collection I am always looking at offerings in other scales. Personally I would like to see the 1/32 scale expand with higher detailed offerings in a wider subject matter. I think it’s a perfect scale that would allow a smaller price point yet still offer greater detail. Most models that are being offered in 1/43 scale don’t include opening doors, hoods or trunks which is a very important feature for me. To date I have no resin models in my collection but am not opposed to that material.

    1. Yes the 1:32 scale is a very nice size to work with and just recently there has been a lot more models showing up in that scale, lets hope they keep coming. The details on some of these are starting to look good.

    2. 1:18 scale is my thing and has been for over 17 years. From time to time I see something in 1:24 scale that piques my interest but if I end up buying, which is seldom, I sell it off quickly. In my opinion mixing scales just does not display well. 1:18 scale displays well and as the old peepers are not what they used to be in my youth, anything less than 1:18 detail still appears crisp. Primarily I collect cars made by companies like GMP/Acme, Auto World (Authintic Line) and others that have small details best appreciated in a larger scale like 1:18. Again all this is my opinion based on personal “preference” which I still believe is allowable in our country.

      1. Opps, I made a booooobooo, line above should have read, anything less than 1:18 scale “does not appear crisp”.

  152. I collect 1/18th scale of every reasonably priced model.

  153. I have collected1/24 scale diecast replicas all my life. (I focus on 1940 -1970 classic American cars, but also have quite a few earlier, later, and foreign models.) Seems as though the number of 1/24 scale product sources is shrinking. Any ideas on where to find the best available? For the rare find, I don’t mind spending a few bucks. Meanwhile, I guess I had better take even better care of my collection for posterity.

  154. i collect all scales, but only because i can’t find all the cars l want in 1/24 or 1/43. The 1/18 take up to much space, if i could i would only collect 1/43

    When you get to 1/18 you can get almost any car i would like to have but i have stopped buying the 1/18.

  155. Yes to me size does matter. My collection consist of 1/24 and 1/18 vehicles with about 100 1/64 scales . But my main goal is to collect a vast amout of 1/24 scale vehicles. 1/24 scale cars just do it for me. Since I was 5yrs old my Dad started me off with a 1/24 1966 Malibu stationwagon model kitt by Monogram . I’ve been hooked every since then.

  156. I collect Detroit Iron from the Mid-Thirties to the Mid-Sixties; say “Airflow to Mustang”. I Like the luxo-barges and Virgil Exner’s work for Mopar 1955-61 in particular, but I’ll always make room for any Cadillac convertible or something exceptional like my Adenaur Mercedes in 1/24. I prefer 1/24 and 1/18 for the detail and working features they allow, but a great model from M2 machines or Johnny Lightning is always a “no-brainer”. I shy away from 1/43 like Brooklin because I don’t see enough “Bang for the buck”, although I do realize that they are handmade. I have a 1/12 scale 57 Chevy from DM. I love it. I recently purchased a 1/43 ’56 Imperial Parade Phaeton. It cost $350 but it is one of my all-time favorite cars, and so, I bit the bullet and splurged for it. I too wonder what is going on in China? Franklin Mint is out of the diecast car biz, Danbury Mint is back-ordered and no new castings! Only Sun Star seems to be forging ahead with better looking models than ever. I don’t mind paying a little more for more and better detail. If Sun Star ever decides to build a 1957 Imperial Crown Convertible, I will order one immediately.

  157. I love the models from M2 Machines. Working features in 1/64! Unheard of! M2 produces models that no one else has touched. DeSotos, Dodges, Mercurys, etc. , all in two-tone or even tri-tone with chrome trim. M2s take up little space and are inexpensive to own.I wonder why there are no convertibles except for the 1953 Buick Skylark?

  158. Yes, it does matter for several reasons. On the plus side details and options that are on 1:18 scale diecasts simply cannot be offered on smaller scales. I do not know of a single diecast collector who would not love to have a room full of 1:18 scale models. On the negative side the reason that smaller scale diecasts do so well is because the amount of room required to collect and display your collection is huge for these larger scales are not to mention the cost of purchasing them and displaying them.
    My collection is just slightly over 7,000 diecasts of which 359 of them are 1:18 scale. I love this scale because of what they offer in detail but I also had to devote an entire room in my home for them. The remaining 6,700 + diecasts are of smaller scale. I collect the higher quality small scale stuff like the Real Riders Hot Wheels or Lesney years Matchbox or Greenlight Collectibles. My 1:64 scale collection is some of the more limited harder to find diecasts.
    If money and space were not an issue ever, what diecast collector would not want to collect the larger scales!!

  159. Most of my collection is 1:24 and 1:25.
    Sometimes I am “forced” to buy other of scales due to the fact that nobody builds certain cars in 1:24.
    I love diecast X magazine and the only reason why I never renewed my subscription is the fact that you just ignore/avoid writing anything about 1:24th cars.
    From reading the comments on this blog, I really think you are missing a huge amount of potential readers by ignoring the best scale of all.

    1. Fast Cobra
      I have more 1:18 late fifty’s to early 70’s than I care to keep. Mustang/Hi-po Fords and Shelby anything I will keep.

      I too mostly enjoy 1:24 & 1:25, getting harder to find. Retired and what something easier to present. I believe the 1:24/25 is better.

  160. 1:18th almost exclusively. I love the amount of detail that can be packed into one of these beauties. Currently have about 120 or so, though I haven’t bought one in at least 5 years (being unemployed for 3 of those years will do that).

    My tastes run mostly to American replicas, though I have a healthy love of foreign makes, too. I much prefer stock or stock-appearing (ie., no racing livery), though I do have a few un-liveried racing examples. I guess if it’s a cool car, it’s in.

    They take up a bit of space, but my wife appreciates my passion and has given the green light for a new purchase as soon as the funds allow. (“Honey, that card is paid down enough now, don’t you think?!”)

  161. 1:64 has always been my main interest – but I have learned over the years that some manufacturers issue their models in 1:72 up to !:55
    which can occasionally be considered to fit into or close to the all encompassing scale category of 1:64 or about 3 inches in length

  162. I have approximately 600 models in all scales with 1/24 and 1/32 being predominate. I have only 1 1/12 model as it is so massive and I have copies in smaller scales. I like 1/18 and 1/43, but one seems too big and the other too small to see all the details. 1/18 scale may be nice on the outside, but often lack the details I have come to love int 1/24 scale.. I have models all the way down to 1/87 scale. I try to collect mostly American cars with some European and Asian models. I like trucks as much as cars, in fact my first model was a 1953 3100 1/2 ton Chevrolet like my father drove at work. I tend to collect models that I have either owned or family and friends have or do own..

  163. 1:18 is all I “collect” although I do purchase other scales now and then, usually if it is a car I used to or currently own.

  164. Don’t Have room for 1/18 + collect mainly 1/24 stock classic 40’s to early 60’s loved the 50’s

  165. 1/64 Do to space mostly

  166. KC

    I have a very large collection of 1/18 scale pickups , and a good size collection of 1/24 scale trucks, I have a custom show truck that has won many awards so pickups are my thing all of my 1/18 scale trucks are on display in my garage, as well as my 1/24 scale so when i am working on my truck i can really enjoy seeing this collection, i just started purchasing 1/64 scale pickups and will continue to do so it amazes me how detailed they are.

  167. Wow thanks for the feedback everyone – I started out by collecting exclusively 1:64th, 1:32nd and 1:24th – and have since expanded to include 1:18th and even a few 1:12th vehicles have made their way into my collection. Personally I go after the cars I want in the larger scales but in the smaller scales I usually complete the sets or waves even if there are vehicle sin the group I am not the fondest of – Andy

  168. I started with 1:18, but as model prices have increased and my available space has decreased, I’ve found myself looking more frequently to 1:43 scale as a practical matter. My collection includes a number of 1:24 “precision mint” cars as well. However, subject matter trumps scale for me. I have models from 1:12, down through 1:43, and even some 1:64; though I don’t seriously pursue that scale as it’s just too vast a field for me!

  169. i have colected everything from matchbox to 1/4 scale. most of my car colection is diecast in 1:18 scale diecast since 1996. older eyes seem to aprieciate the larger scales. i also like to customize some of them. quite a challenge at times.

  170. I’ve only been collecting 1/64 scale but I do have a few 1:53.

    I just collect semi trucks and trailers for now and that size looks very good to me.

  171. We have had the pleasure of meeting these guys a few times at the Diecastspace conventions. What a nice group of guys and so talented too. Looking forward to the new line of muscle machines.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

  172. My pleasure! We had a blast at the show with these guys – a great team. And the DieCastSpace conventions are a must-see for anyone who hasn’t yet made the scene. Thanks for watching.

  173. Nice looking diecast model – I hope to add one of these to my collection. I am partial to yellow so the red one that’s coming doesn’t do it for me. Nice photos

  174. With the very rare exception, I only collect 1/18th scale race cars. Sadly, because of the dearth of options in that scale of the particular types of cars I prefer – Can-Am, classic, F1, World Endurance Championship, the odd USAC/CART/NASCAR model – I have to pay premium prices for out-of-production and high-quality issues, but that scale is the one that satisfies my needs for quality and specdific model.

    By the way, my rare exception was a 1/10th Exoto Ford GT40 Mk. II – that diecast brand makes up more of my collection than any other manufacturer.

  175. It was So’00 cool to meet up with these guys at RCX after having to miss the Vegas show. They have a real passion for cars & for the Muscle Machine line. The Brand is now in good hands and I hope they will pump some big money into a lot of NEW castings in 2013

  176. Size does matter, to met at least. The vast majority of my collections is 1:25 scale pickup trucks. I do have some vehicles that are of other scales but I am very judicious in my purchase of them.

  177. Sweet that is real nice love it Joe

  178. Has this been released yet and where could I find one. Thanks

  179. Wow, what a cool iconic auto! The detail is spectacular for this model, and CMC just knows how to get it “RIGHT”

    Simply a must have type of car for a California boy like me!

  180. C’mon…this is such a nice looking rendition, and the overall look of the car is fantastic. Would love to own this one in real life or in die cast.

  181. Great magazine, there wasn’t anything like this when I was a kid. The magazine is a pleasure to read and I cannot put it down. What I would like to ask is, what about Johnny Lightning? Are they staying in business or are they going to go the toy route? What’s the story with them? A company that big should be pumping out the new molds every day. Why don’t I ever see an issue on them in your magazine? They should be wanting all the publicity that they can get. Thanks for reading – Scott

  182. Is this a pre-production sample? What is up with the interior? It looks awful. Sloppy painting and overly thick parts. My IXO museum models are better than that, at 1/3 the price. I hope the regular issue pieces are better.

  183. I have been collecting models for over 60 years now. My first were cars my father brought home from the dealers at the end of the model year. I have continued to collect these 1/24th scales to the present. While the 1/18th scale are nice I would have to add on a couple of rooms to house my 5500 plus models if they were all the larger scale. The smaller ones are great toys and have amazing detail for their size, but it is a little late in life for me to start collecting the little ones. So I am on my way to 6000, if the manufacturers are good enough to keep making them.

  184. Sir,

    I am in the process of building the Hubley metal Model SJ Duesenberg and I am “stumped” on the assembly of the worm gear shaft and sector gear assembly. From the illustrations I do not see how the sector gear and worm gear can mesh. Can you help me out. Thanks.


    1. Hello, Gary –

      First – bravo! It’s a challenge, but the finished model can be VERY cool.

      That assembly is one of the weak links in the model’s design. If you can muster up the small files and finishing tools needed to clean all the flash from the componentry (and that’s a big “if”), you still have to get the gears to mesh cleanly and work together, whilst trapping them inside the case halves. Then you’ll have to get the steering wheel, steering shaft, linkages, etc. to align and work together. If you manage to accomplish all of this, be prepared for parts failure; as is the case on many of the working assemblies on the famed Pocher 1:8 kits, the materials used to make these pieces (in this case, relatively soft zinc alloy) isn’t hard enough to bear the stress of their intended use. I’ll admit it: I’ve built three of these kits over the years – and seen many more as built pieces – and I can’t recall ever seeing one that had working steering as designed.

      My suggestion? Give it a shot, do your best, and if it starts to become a major heartburn, do without it. Though I’d imagine you might find a source for better gears, unless you’re willing to really burn the midnight oil on the car’s steering, just use the gearbox as a terminus for the steering shaft and external linkages, and leave the worm gear out of the equation. Instead of trying to make the steering work, spend the time topside on paint and decorating. Remember – as long as you build the hubs and front axle correctly, you can still turn the front wheels and pose them in any position.

      Good luck! Contact me directly at joek@airage.com if you have any more questions – and don’t forget to post pics of your car on our Facebook page!

  185. Joe,

    Thanks for the info. From the diagram it looked like the sector gear was to fit inside the steering box and the only way it could work, but how in the world would the steering box close? I have put the model aside and come back to it with a fresh approach and it has worked but this one has me flustered. I will surely put yjr model on your Facebook if I am satisified with the results. Everything is going pretty well except the steering.


  186. best interview ever . Write the book

  187. The 918 Spyder has really caught my eye, but similarly, the model will be the only version of this car I’ll be getting close too anytime soon!

  188. From the rear it looks like an expensive MGB. LOL

  189. you the man !!! larry keep up the great work !! God Bless !!
    with diecastx always no 1 in bringing us great stuff from the diecast world !!!!! we love the video and magzine no. 1 in my world anyday !!! clay simerly/2many

  190. i have to say that you have moved in to the futcure with the magzine ! great articles awsome picture great quailty and the staff is like no other no 1 and always will be !!!! keep up the great work and keep the little car a live in our collections and in are heart s and minds ! clay

    1. Thanks for the kind words Clay!

    2. Hi, Clay –

      Thanks a lot! It’s been a lot of work (if you can call spending the day playing with cool model cars “work”), but we’re pretty happy with the direction we’re going in. Hold on tight – we’re just getting started.

      Thanks for reading Die Cast X!

  191. I have been collecting diecasts since 1997 . It became a hobby I was delighted by and inspired by as I am a car nut. I have about 500+ 1/18 scale models from all over the world. I cherish these a way a woman would cherish her diamonds. However to most of the people in my life, the view is that I am crazy and have a disorder that needs treating. How can a grown man have so many toys? How can you waste time and money… I need to “grow up” or “you’re sick”. Very few support my hobby, but I do not care. My cars bring a smile to my face and a are just plain fun to collect. That’s my experience with the hobby. Good day!

    1. Hello, K.G. –

      One of the things that our editorial team always talks about when we get together is how some folks just don’t “get it” – and how the usual view of non-collectors is that people who collect must have some sort of personality disorder – a compulsion to gather up “things” to fill a hole in our lives. To which we say, “crap!”. Well, what we actually say wouldn’t be appropriate for this site, but you get the idea.

      Collecting enriches our lives, feeds our passion for the things we love, and gives us a chance to relish the beauty of the automobile in the comfort of our own homes. The chances are pretty good that I’ll never own a real Bugatti Royale, but I can take mine off the shelf and spend some happy moments poring over its shape, while admiring the genius of both Ettore Bugatti and the model maker who made the piece so beautifully. Ditto many of the supercar models I’ve collected, and the classic drag cars, luxury cars, ‘fifties cruisers…

      At the end of the day, it all comes down to what makes you happy. As for those sourpusses who tell you you’re sick, or to grow up… I’d be willing to bet they wished they had a hobby, an interest, or a passion they could enjoy as much as you do yours. I almost – almost – feel bad for them.

      Thanks for writing- and for reading Die Cast X.

  192. I hear that K.G. – my friends used to taunt me for my hobby to – My dad was especially that way until he realized how realistic they can be and now has a few 1:18th’s himself. Your not alone there are a lot of us out there – keep enjoying your hobby and keep sharing your experiences with us.

  193. Most people that see my collection for the first time are overwhelmed and wonder if there isn’t a 12-step program available for my affliction.

    I collect 1/43 scale endurance race cars primarily, cars that have competed at Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, Targe Florio, etc., with vintage F1 thrown in as well. I have a large collection of Jaguar and Ferrari models as well.

    I have literally been collecting since the 1950’s when I received my first Dinky Toy and have never lost the love for miniature cars, trucks and buses. The collection has grown to over 1,400 pieces and most can be seen on my website: http://www.oldirish.com/collection/models2.html

    1. Hello, Jerry –

      You had me at “Irish”, LOL. There are 12-step programs for our particular problem, but the meetings always seem to take place in the basement of the local hobby store. Thanks for sharing the link – we’ll have to check it out and post it on our Facebook page for all to see.

      Thanks for writing – and for reading Die Cast X.

  194. I have the Lil Red Express version with the chrome stacks behind the cab. It also is a very nice rendition of the 1978 Dodge by Ertl. It has the Goodyear GT Radial logo on the tires which I don’t see on the picture of the Warlock version. Ertl has made some nice die cast in the past.

  195. I was delighted at the prospect of not only a ‘New’, reasonably priced image, but of an RR as well (and maybe a new source for high quality images). And although I would agree with much of the review here, I think a few really noteworthy glitches should temper the over the top endorsement. First, QC is spotty at best. The two I had were riddled with flaws: One was missing paint (!), and the other had noticeable die cast defects on the roof appearing as ‘dents’. The undercarriage detail is positively toy like, and on the black cars I had, the carpets didn’t match: The interior is beige, yet the carpets are silver (presumably from the silver version), and the trunk carpet is navy (again, presumably from the upcoming blue version). it’s difficult to understand why they elected to install these, but they really do mar the look and ‘feel’ of the cars. Jadi has a way to go before they’re ready for the critical ‘Collector car’ status they’re seeking, and they’ll have to do better than just going after the status crowd.

  196. Hi Modelfans,
    I`m a collector of mainly 1:64 sport-, concept-, showcars but since the late 50`s I prepare myself miniature models.

    Some decades ago I met a Collector Club which was looking for further collectors to make the following exhibition greater. I told what type of diecasts I collect and at least mentioned that I prepare miniature auto models 1:75 curved from wood. They was interested only in this last sort of models.
    As I took the models from the boxes they stood around me and enjoyed the one off models. At last I took out my pride a Bugatti Royale chassis made of resin, plastic and metal assembled from more than 70 parts in the same scale.
    – But you have a fa…ing bl…dy patience !!- sliped out from one.

    Well, this was an insider opinion.

    But some days later came an obviously tipsy guy – perhaps he saw the great board over the gate „EXHIBITION” and thought it`s time to do something for cultur. He came in, paid the entrance fee and staggered in direct to the nearest glass-case where was my Bugatti.
    – And what is the value of this small one ?
    – About 400 $ !
    – Brrrr . . . . . ! and shuddered in all part of body and with the same impulse he turned and went out with his doubtful steps !

    You can check out my models: http://www.Toycollector – Toy Pedia – Find a Brand – Janos Velics (except the Bugatti chassis)

    P.S.: On the other hand I have some nice „reports”and „thoughts” about this exhibition – my doughter sent her students from the University to the exhibition with the exercise to write about what they saw and found interesting. Please let me know if you find these interesting – I shall try to translate tham as good I can. (I beg your pardon for my poor english)

  197. The name MUSCLE MACHINE MAD MAN should explain it all … and taking 800+ blister packs of 1/64th Muscle Machines and to make them fill 4 walls as wallpaper is something to see. I don’t even understand it myself … I have never been a collector that I can remember. But opening the door to the room and showing these to anyone who’s never seen ‘Um – It’s always the same = OH MY GOD !
    I still don’t know if I’m a collector, or I Am sick ?

  198. Awesome. I am a huge fan of this car. Would be nice if the are relasing a in 1:32 scale as well.

  199. I started collecting die cast cars since the 1990s. I started with 1:24 scale models. I accumulated some 20+ cars before I changed my mind. One by one I started replacing them with 1:18 scale models. At the moment I have some 60+ cars. For 6 years now my (die cast)car collection has taken a back seat to my new “obsession.” 1:35 WWII German Tanks and Vehicles. I have close to 30 of them.
    First reaction I get when visitors see my collection is “wow!” A few think of it as a “waste of money!” Some even ask me, “what am i thinking?” Its a good thing my wife is very supportive! She has bought some of the cars in my collection.

  200. I have been a lifelong collector of cars, especially Hotrods and customs, i have about 50 1.18th scale cars, but i also have a vast collection of Muscle Machines, Hot Wheels, and Dinky cars that i have refurbished, as well as a collection of miniature Petrol Pumps, Jukeboxes, and Coca Cola stuff , i did have a full size Wurlitzer Jukebox in the living room at one point, along with an old One armed Bandit that i refurbished, and 100s and 100s of hotrod related magazines, its aHobby that has got out of control, but i love it, visitors reactions vary from “WOW, WHAT A COLLECTION , I LOVE IT” to people who just dont get it at all, to some that say, “WHY DO YOU STILL COLLECT TOY CARS”, ???? but everyone likes the Dioramas i have done, the favourite comment is “Did you make everything yourself???” 🙂

  201. For 2013, the German based Audi Motors is expected to completely revive its flagship luxury SUV, the Q7, just before a new generation model substitutes it.

  202. Hi, I have a blog about diecast too.


    May you share here and

    Like our page https://www.facebook.com/DiecastCwb


  203. I love this car except for one thing – did they HAVE to do the front bumper with that awful guard that blocks the view of the grille? If I buy one I’m going to see if I can get it removed by a professional detailer. Otherwise, love it!

  204. very nice great casting the 56 ford truck really like when the cars have names of different companys and stuff on them . household name that ring a bell for alot of us seems to accent a vehicle in a way that pinstriping or chrome does great job.

  205. There are several hundred experienced Hubley craftsmen who would be happy to walk you through all of the time-tested and proven techniques at the revitalized HUBLEY SCALE MODEL CLUB.

  206. Thanks for posting, Andy, but it would be very helpful if you would include scale, too. If these are going to be 1:18th, I’ll definitely consider them. Otherwise…

    1. To our understanding these will release in 1:64 scale first. We don’t have confimration on this but we have been told by M2 Machines that 1:24 versions may be produced as well.

  207. Magnificent beat ! I wish to apprentice at the same time as you amend your website, how can i subscribe for a weblog site? The account aided me a appropriate deal. I had been tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast offered shiny transparent idea

  208. HI I need one of those Lincoln Town car you have on your site, Can I set up payments to obtain two of them???

    1. We are only a media channel but you can purhchase through one of their retailers such as http://www.luxury-collectibles.com/

  209. This is a great die cast I am very glad to see some one is making one that is NOT a limo . I am a big fan of these Lincoln I own two in real life from the early 90s , Best car ever put on the road!

  210. i’m not going to lie……i’ve been addicted to cars since hotwheels.i bought my first car when my girlfriend drug me to wal-mart,the first car i bought was the burnt orange merc sled……ever since then i”ve been addicted to jada…all i buy is 1/24 scale….it’s just good that my girlfriend helps me with my addiction of jada cars…….i just need to get the last few of the lo-pros and i ‘ll have them all.

  211. Is it the Auto World 1:18 “Blue Max” Funny Car – Hood Scoop

  212. i cant even begin to guess

  213. Here are my answers…am I correct?

    1 Minichamps 1:43 1969 Aston Martin – Front Grill
    2 Premium X 1:43 1965 Mustang – Side Stripe
    3 Auto World HO 1979 Firebird – Hood Scoop

  214. 1) Minichamps 1/43 “Mullin Museum” 1939 Delage D8-120 Cabrio

    2) Sunstar’s 1:18 “Russ Truelove” 1956 Mercury Stock Car

    3) Auto World’s “Legends of the Quarter Mile” 1/18 1971 “Blue Max” Mustang

  215. Looks like I’m gonna have to pull the wheels and tires off an Ertl to get rid of those big, square-shouldered truck tires on this thing. I wish they’d also get in the mold and soften-up the edges all over…all the corners are much to sharp/harsh. Maybe by the 8th re-release the mold will wear down some? 🙂

  216. I’ve got the answers…think I know my diecast!
    1 Auto Wold 1:18 Ford Torino GT -Front Grill
    2 Sunstar 1:18 1956 Mercury “Russ Truelove” -Front Fender
    3 Auto World 1:18 “Blue Max” Funny Car – Hood Scoop

  217. I have a small collection of 100 or so. Some with and some without boxes. This is an interesting subject as I am currently contemplating on displaying them all out of the box. Do I keep the boxes? Where to store them is the problem? I’d rather much see them on display where I can touch, feel and enjoy them! Some of them rare with COAs. Maybe just keep the boxes for the rare ones?

  218. 1 – Minichamps 1:43 “Mullin Museum” 1939 Delage D8-120 Cabrio

    2 – Sunstar 1:18 “Russ Truelove” 1956 Mercury Stock Car

    3 – AutoWorld “Legends of the Quarter Mile” 1:18 1971 “Blue Max” Mustang

  219. 1 – Minichamps 1/43 Delage D8-120 Cabrio
    2 – Sunstar 1/18 Mercury MontClair Stock Car “Russ Truelove”
    3 – Auto World 1/18 Ford Mustang “Blue Max”

  220. Minichamps – 1:43 Mullin Museum 1939 Delage D8-120 Cabrio

    Sunstar – 1:18 Russ Truelove 1956 Mercury Stock Car

    Auto World – 1/18 Legends of the Quarter Mile 1971 Blue Max Mustang

    1. Justin, Congratulations! You’ve won the Ferrari 575 GTC. Please send your contact and mailing info BarbaraB@airage.com, so we can ship you your prize.

  221. thanks for bringing back indy cars

  222. 1.Minichamps-1:43 1939 Delage D8-120 Cabrio 2.Sunstar-1:18 Russ Truelove 1956 Mercury Stock Car 3.Auto World-1:18 Ford Mustang 1971 Blue Max.

  223. Spark did a nice job capturing the shape and details of this great car. Unfortunately, they missed noticeably on the blue color. The car is actually a dark blue metallic. There are many photos of the car in a number of books. The unfortunate part is the color was correct on the prototype shown at the toy fair. Why the change? They did the same thing on the Delahaye roadster released earlier. It is a well done model but released with red and cream instead of the correct blue and cream. Again they showed a correct prototype and switched. Too bad. Why?

  224. Mr. Hot Wheels Mike Zarnock. Question for you. What is the latest hot wheels variations guide on the book shelves, I have hot wheels variations The Ultimate G uide !989-1999 to 2008 4th edition anything newer Thanks. Rod.

  225. Rod,
    The last Hot Wheels Variation Guide I have done is the 4th Edition that you have there. I am currently working on the 5th edition.
    Thanx for the interest and keep checking back, I will let everyone know when it will be coming out.

  226. So who won the contest?

    1. I belive our marketing team will announce it tomorrow

  227. Hi ! How can I buy this wonderful model ? I have a friend who lives in the US, and she is coming to Brazil …. Thanks.

    1. Hello –

      OTTO models sells direct to their customers – try clicking the link at the end of the article to see what they have. Thanks for checking out Die Cast X!

  228. Very nice! I hope the wipers will be hidden and the wheels will look better than that on the final released model… I was very impressed by the Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 Ecto-1 and I’m sure I’m gonna be even more impressed with this KITT. And judging from the photos, it already looks like a big improvement over the one ERTL did many years ago. I can’t wait to get this!

  229. I have this.. A very impressive model of the Ecto-1. No detail was left out. From the biggest detail to the most smallest, nothing was spared. And being 1/18 in scale, it is really big, bigger than the usual 1/18 models as the car was longer and wider than a normal car. Hot Wheels went all out for this and I think this is the best Ecto-1 model ever made. And it is perhaps the definitive one to get.

  230. אירועים חוגגים באירועים קטנים מומלץ! וגם ב אירועים במרכז וגם ב התאנה

  231. Looking forward to Die CAST X TV!

    1. Thanks, Gary! See you there!

  232. Good for you joe looking forward at 5:00PM PST in joing the broadcast tonight. will you do what you did before have it realed so if I miss an epasode I can reply it.
    I do not remember my old log in and pass word doess that matter? can I just start new again?
    Bob Geco
    Long Beach, CA

  233. Joe:

    HA HA spelled my last name wrong’
    see you tonight

  234. Here are two models that I dearly love and wish some on like
    CMC, Kyosho would manufacturer.
    1) my dad’s Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda W113 1968
    this car seems to always be skipped and the manufactured ones I have seen are lost in detail and like disposable toys. Let make a real collectors model out of this car. I do not mine paying $300.00 and up for good quality models .
    2} The last of the Mercedes-Benz 300SLR with funical Air Brake. thee only decent one I have in my collection is a classic made by Paul’s Model Art. I like a 1/18Th scale model with more detail I do not know why CMC has not made this car since they have all the tooling and parts . With slight modification and a new body the car could be produced very
    inexpensively by them . I be willing to buy three.

    Thanks for going live again what address will take me to the live broadcast and if I miss an episode will their be a place I can go to review the program again?
    Bob Geco
    I receive your publication Diecast X

  235. I received mine a few weeks back after a long pre-order wait – and boy it was worth it!!!
    CMC has outdone themselves with this latest release.
    I’m now looking forward to the release in other colours with the removable hardtop.

    Seeing what is possible, will someone please make a high end Ferrari 275 GTB? Please Please Please!!!!

  236. I filled out the share your collection but not sure if it went through

    1. Yes we see it here thanks!

  237. there are things that don’t go: the four lighthouses under chest are absent, the wheels are not proportionate

  238. Great to see you back!
    Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated, and the subject matter and guests made it a fast-moving and informative show. I’d like to suggest picking up on the timing of the Car Room Show. Perhaps 2 x a month so we can have some Saturday evenings for the family :-). Let’s have Mark Fothergill on sometime! Replicarz doing a fine job with their Indy line, and who knows what else will be showing up! Glad to see Acme / GMP back. Would like to hear / learn more about Minichamps and Spark, as well as TSM. Got to go, but look forward to more from you! Thanks Joe! Good job! Welcome back!

  239. Hand Samples include the two Packards plus the 1966 Fitch Sprint Tribute Edition which was approved by John Fitch is also 1 of 2 available.

  240. Please remember these are pre-production images though we see some areas to that can use a bit more attention to detail what we are looking at here is NOT final production pieces.

  241. היי הידעתם? ריהוט משרדי הינו כולל מחיצות אקוסטיות וריהוט משרדי יוקרתי וכסא משרדי

  242. Are you aware or not, the Continental R was the first vehicle from the house of Bentley Motors that had been developed by not sharing a body with a Rolls ever since the Bentley S3.

  243. Hello, Paul!

    Thanks a lot – you made my day! We’re gearing up for a long run with the show, and plans are being made in the offices of Air Age Media to make the show a regularly scheduled event. We’ll probably be keeping the Tuesday 8PM time slot, as Saturday is family time for a lot of collectors.

    We’re getting the next show ready – a few tweaks to the production and appearance, as well as a great list of guests. We’ll be posting the time and date of the next show very soon.

    Thanks for watching!

  244. Joe – really enjoyed the show – Sean is a great guest, M2 is the bench mark for 1:64 scale. They do make some truly nice castings with unbelivable detail for the price point. Look forward to the next show with Mike Z. Hope you have Sean again soon – keep the great shows coming – Mike C

    1. Hi, Mike –

      Thanks a lot! We’re working on a lot of tweaks behind the scenes to make the show better, so keep telling us what you like, and we’ll keep trying. Thanks for watching!

  245. very K@@L !!!!!!!!

  246. Hi how can I get this

  247. How do I get the live stream???

  248. I like this one wish you had one of the 69 Cobra Jet Torino

  249. Right you are Andy. It’s been a feast recently for 60s Alfa lovers with AA releasing the TZ, TZ2 and now the T33 Stradale – wow! Now bring on the T33 Periscopica and the later Le mans racing variants!

  250. Joe,

    I didn’t mean to be too critical of a few things on your second show (I am PorscheFan), but thought you might need to know how things like the audio where on our end. I’m sure things will get better with time.

    I’m also glad to were able to share my (and many other collectors I know) view of the whole Mattel/Hot Wheels error/variation cars. It IS a very shrewd and profitable marketing ploy that they have seemed to monopolize. In 1/43 and 1/18 which I personally collect, the companies make each car (even Mattel) as closely the same as possible, and as a result, you usually buy only one (maybe colors variations if it a particular model you really love). If you get an “error”, you don’t accept the poor craftsmanship and/or quality control, you send it back. With 1/64 Hot Wheels cars, if they did that most people would only buy one of each, but with a mentality that an “error” or variation is a desirable thing to find, and of course the potential monetary reward of what they might be able to sell for above a “normal” car, then that feeds the fire even more (this isn’t including the production costs saved by not having to really look for problems and any material costs of having to pull things off the line as scrap). HW collectors who die for these things will defend their collecting against any and all sensible arguments you might offer them, but it’s interesting that as you go up in large scales of Mattel cars, this no longer applies. I’ve given up long ago trying to change anyone’s mind on the matter, and just leave it as a personal choice of what different people collect, and spend their money on. If every manufacturing company could get their customers to believe as the 1/64 scale HW collectors think on “variations”, our products from them would turn to pieces of…well, you get the idea.

    Lastly, I have a slight difference of opinion on what the correct answer to your model giveaway question should have been. I re-watched the episode to hear exactly what you asked, and you said “Why wasn’t there a 30 anniversary Corvette model?”. Since car fans (especially Corvette fans) knows that would have been the 1983 model year, to accept the answer “because no Corvette was made in 1983” seems like a pretty unspecific answer (sort of like asking why did you burn your hand on the stove, because it was hot). I was the first to give the actual reason, because they couldn’t meet pollution controls requirements needs for 1983 standards. Here is a link to one of the many sites that confirms this (this one is from the Corvette Blog)…
    (http://www.corvetteblog.com/2007/02/corvette-museum-the-missing-1983-corvette) , it states “So, why were they held off until January? Before production lines began, California voted to make emission controls more stringent than ever, and the 1983 model wasn’t prepared to deal with it.”.

    I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, but I think my answer was the correct one, and the first to appear (the engineer in me went ahead and made screen-captures of the comments to verify this if you don’t have access to that on your end…LOL). Since I don’t collect street cars normally, that hot red racing sports car model would have sure gone to good home. I’m not going to invite you on ‘The People’s Court”, but hope you might reconsider your decision (I’m an old fart who types with only two fingers, and will never probably beat DetourDave again…LOL).

    Again, it’s good to have informative and current diecast information on the Internet again.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi, Doug!

      First off – THANKS for watching the show, and for being a part of the live chat. Your input is invaluable, and your presence is always welcome.

      You’re right about the audio. As of now, we’re limited by the type of connections we can make to our remote guests, and we have to rely on many of the same methods that U.S.-based news programs use when communicating with the other side of the planet via broadband. Until we can send remote equipment to the places we’re connecting to (not an easy or “reasonable cost” thing to do, LOL), we have to rely on phone connections and Skype – and on how well our interviewees can hear us while on line. We’ve actually been lucky, so far; though the connections are a bit tinny at times, we can usually get our questions answered, and our guests have said that they’ve had a lot of fun working with us. We’re working on improving many aspects of the show, and trust me, the quality of the stream, the audio, and the overall look of the program are under constant review. We’re only two shows in to what I hope will be a long run of hobby-centric programming.

      Your take on the Hot Wheels Variations is an interesting one, and since I’m not really a Hot Wheels guy (excepting for the larger-scale Elite series, most of which which I truly enjoy), I can’t really speak to why collectors would, or wouldn’t, collect these “mistake” cars. Mike did address the issue, I think, but there’s always room for more debate on that topic. I personally don’t know enough about these to have an opinion either way – except of course, to agree that collectors can pretty much do what they want, collect what they love, or walk away from what they don’t (a skill I have yet to learn, myself).

      As for the Corvette – another interesting topic. I haven’t yet look at that link you sent – I’ve been hammering away at the Spring 2013 issue (yep – already), but I’ll definitely do so as part of a review I’m working on. I just went along with what I’d read in several Corvette books over the years. I’d like to see that transcript, when you get a chance, if you’d be kind enough to send it to my email (joek@airage.com).

      Thank you for being a part of the show – I hope to see you there frequently, and I look forward to seeing your comments and reading your suggestions!

      Be well! And thanks again for watching.

      Best Regards,


  251. Finally……………. A show for the diecast enthusiasts

    1. Hello –

      Yes! And thanks for watching. We had a few glitches to contend with on this episode, but please stay tuned – we have some great things planned!

  252. Did I win the car

    1. Hello, Miguel – we’ll be announcing the winners on our Facebook page and here on DCXmag.com today. Thanks for watching!

  253. Do know of any 64 thunderbird models available we are in the uk and have a full size car and would like a danbury mint or similar Thank you Andrew

    1. Hello, Andrew –

      Thanks for checking out our site. Danbury Mint does make a very nice model of the 1964 Thunderbird, which we reviewed on this site in 2011.

      To see the article, search “Thunderbird” on the DCXmag.com home page.

      The model is most probably available on the secondary market; search around. Thanks again for stopping in – and good luck!

  254. I collect all size die cast cars it would be nice toget acardboard print out of buildings to make atown or just a busness Idisplay my cars like real life . you realy never growe up ha ha ! Thank you Glenn Hanlin mingo jct ohio 43938 419 grace ave

    1. Hello, Glen –

      Thanks for reading our post! There was a company a while back – and we forgot their name – that made something like that. It was a self-adhesive backdrop that could be placed behind shelves to replicate a scene. You could easily get that effect if you take a digital photo of a building, then print it off and adhere it to a cardboard backing. Give it a shot, it’s an old slot car scenery trick!

  255. I am a Mustang Die Car 1:18 Scale collector. i have around 80 of them. Its a good news that Greenlight is planning to build the Mustang II in this scale to complete my collection. I hope we can find it in Hard top, Fastback and Cobra Versions. I wil buy it immediatelly.

  256. I tried to get my email address to you but it kept getting kicked back to me!
    great show Saturday and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them

    1. Hey, Kevin –

      No problem! Got it now, LOL! Thanks for watching the show – see you on January 6th!

  257. How could get one of these? My fiancé’s mom is a Marmon ( while i know there were no children of the automaker he did have other Marmon family members) by birth and to give her one of these would make her day. Any information on how to purchase one of these would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Helen –

      Check out Replicarz’ web site, http://www.replicarz.com, for orderinfg info. Thanks for reading Die Cast X!


    1. Hello, Vickie –

      We hope you’re feeling better. Scoomer has proven to be a good site, because it’s more focused with the Hot Wheels/small scale collectors. Give that a try- especially if you’re looking to sell a large collection.

      Good Luck!

  259. Carlos, you sound just like me. I’ve also got about 80 Mustang 1:18 models as well as 500-600 1:64 Mustangs displayed both in packages and out of display packages in cases. Been waiting for 15 years to get some Mustang II’s to complete my collection. Unlike lots of Mustang fanatics, I have always love the Mustang II as well. In fact, I own the Ultimate Mustang II now, a 1978 Monroe Handler. It’s one of the original 7 built in 1978 for the Monroe Shocks Ad Campaign.

  260. where can i find jungle jim car at?

    1. Hi, Greer –

      Most on-line retailers have them. or, you can try http://www.autoworldstore.com. They’re the direct retail outlet for Auto World.

  261. Expected price and availability date in 1:18 or 1:24 ?

    1. Hi, Bob –

      That’s the hard part with Paudi – tough to lock in a distributor or price. We’ll work on getting more info – but you can always buy direct from the company, in the meantime: http://www.paudi.biz/shop8/

      Let us know how you do – and thanks for checking us out!

  262. Is there any chance that they will also make the 59 Dodge Royal Lancer Hardtop?

    1. Hi, Michael –

      If they go by their usual order, absolutely. First we’ll see this top-down variant, then a top-up, then a hardtop. Thanks for checking us out!

  263. im interested in holden models from the 60 70s 80s and also the aussy fords in 1/18 1/24 in australia they can get our cars why dont yall sell theirs here even their chryslers are diffrent i know there is a mkt for them yall are missing the boat

    1. Hello, Randy –

      Holdens are cool cars – no doubt about it – and other brands from Australia are big hits with Stateside collectors. AUTOart, for instance, has done well with their Australian-market Hemi Charger, a vastly different car than its counterpart here in the US.

      One of the most prolific makers of Aussie cars is Biante, and we’ll do our best to get a pipeline of product from them in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if any other readers share Randy’s love of thunder from Down Under, let us know.

      Thanks for reading Die Cast X.!

  264. Can anyone tell how to tell the different model makes

  265. On Nov.22, 1963 I was 12 years old, in the 7th grade at Walnut Hill Elementry School in Dallas, Texas. On that morning before school started, myself and three other friends decided to skip school and pair up to hitch-hike rides to the airport to see the President come to Dallas. We met on the road that enters Love Field and waited to see President Kennedy. This replica is exactly as I remeber the event. This model is a great piece of work to allow all of us to rember a very sad and historic day. I wish I had one.

  266. My father actually had this car. I would love to find this model. If you know anywhere i can purchase this one I would love to know where thank you

    1. Hi, Lance!

      Your best bet, these days, is to check eBay or a similar site for these cars. It’s a great time to buy, too.

      Please let us know how you make out – and thanks for reading DCX!

    1. Those were the days… and she’s a lot bigger, now!

  267. Joe, glad to see acme coming out with some really great new drag items !! some new items also .
    thank you Joe and to DIE CAST X for all the great pictures and great reading . can’t wait till the new magzine is out in my hands ! your always no.1 in my world ! keep up the great work ! it looks like the die cast world maybe on rebound a little with all the die cast coming out with all the die cast co. your no.1 fan ! clay/2many

    1. Hey, Clay!

      Yeah, we’re glad, too. ACME is a good group of folks that we’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years, and they’re really trying. The products they make are always real “car guy” stuff – like those drag items – and the quality is great, too. We recently spoke to Mat Long, and there’s some outstanding stuff on deck, so hang in there.

      As for Die Cast X, I’m really glad to be here. It’s a good group of folks, and it’s great to know that the hard work is worth it. Our audience is growing in print, and on the web, thanks to guys like you. I won’t forget that!

      Thanks for the kind words, Clay! I hope to meet you some day. And thanks for reading Die Cast X!

      All the Best,


  268. Can’t wait to get my hands on one! Been waiting for someone to build one in a larger scale than 1/64th.

  269. Got your mag today and enjoyed it very much – like every issue. But as one of “ze german readers” I wonder what is the “zoot”?

    The word “zoot” is not existing in german language at all!

    But in every other aspect: Go on with your great work on the mag!

    1. Ha! Thanks!

      We were just having some fun with the title. “Zoot” is a slang word that can be used to describe everything from a sharp mens’ suit (actually called a “zoot suit” back in the ‘forties) to the sound and feeling of great speed – as we used it to describe the Mercedes Rekordwagen… almost like “zoom”.

      Thanks for reading DCX, and for the kind words!

  270. Hi. I am bothered by the cowl and front window look….. I was very excited to hear that this would be coming out but I hope Greenlight can correct it or it will haunt me everytime I see one…..PLEASE correct

  271. any updates on the 2011?

  272. This is indeed a beautiful curbside model. However, what is not mentioned is that fact that there is a 1/43 version. Thomas Wolter at Tin Wizard; Germany, released a handbuilt – limited edition – white metal model of this same car about 8 months before Automodello’s version.
    We have the 1/43 scale — it’s a beauty and worth it’s place in any collection. ……… Respectfully submitted, Judy Kirkpatrick
    Partner… JMmodelautos.com

  273. Joe,

    I’m a subscriber and have a red 2014 ‘Vette on order. I hope its as good looking as you say. I am also a collector with about 240 1:18th scale cars as well as a very few other scales in my collection. I read and enjoy DiecastX every issue.

    1. Hello, David –

      Thanks for writing. We were surprised at some of the “love it, or hate it” responses for this model – but then again, given how polarizing the real car’s design is for some folks, we should have expected that. The model is right in line with Maisto’s usual quality and value; no exotic materials and not too much detail, but a great shape, a very nice presentation, and a great basis for anyone who wants to do a little homespun detailing on their own.

      Let us know what you think when yours comes in. And thanks again for writing – and for reading Die Cast X!


  274. Beautiful car, but $300 for a curbside? Cost is one of the reasons I went back to building model airplanes after collecting over 1000 die casts. Good stuff is not cheap, but now it’s ridiculous. You have to be rich to collect, and I ain’t rich. I am thinking back to the Highway 61’s which were well under $100 and had a wealth of features. Even an Exoto is a bargain compared to this car, because they are very detailed and have a lot of features. You feel you get what you pay for. Not so with this model as far as I can see. Sorry, but no cigar here.

    1. Lots of collectors have had that reaction to the current crop of resincasts, most of which have no opening features. But the attraction for those who do like this kind of model is rarity, because these off-the-beaten-path replicas are usually made in lower numbers. BBR, for instance, or MR Collection, will do only a few in any particular run – and the price can be double, or more, what Minichamps asks for cars in this series.

      This Xenia will see 1,002 copies made, then the molds will be pulled. The average Highway 61 (or Ertl, or any of those cool diecast cars we go crazy over) sees (or saw) tens of thousands made. That’s why they’re relatively cheap, even though they cost more to tool up and build. And remember, those old Fords, Chevys, and Mopars came in a rainbow of colors and trims – which makes it all the easier to sell even more models from that same mold set.

      Cars like this Hispano-Suiza were one-of-a-kind. That’s why making this car in diecast, with full opening features, would be a financial disaster. Making it in resin, however, for the few collectors who will want this beauty on their shelves (hopefully, another 1,001, for Minichamps’ sake), makes more sense when it comes to making a profit, and ultimately being around to make more models. And for what it’s worth, the pictures really don’t do it justice. While it’s not for everyone, it’s an incredible piece, on display.

      Thanks for checking it out.

  275. Nice, but the Elite 599 Ferrari is better, especially in the darker red. Enough to harden up a soft old artery if you know what I mean.

    1. Ha! “Artery” aside, it’s nice to see the Ferraris being released in such a regular manner. Who would have believed that Hot Wheels would have become such a force in 1:18?

      Thanks for reading!

  276. Great models! When can we expect to see ads from US retailers? I’ve seen these great models for years on ebay though to purchase you had to buy directly from China…

    1. Hi, Fred –

      Right now, the only retailer of note is Taylor Sports. They’re at http://www.taylorsports.com, and they have the full lineup of Paudis. Have fun! And thanks for reading.

  277. My girlfriend got me A 30TH BIRTHDAY PRESENT BOOKED Since MAY 2013 BOOKED K.I.T.T.. KnightRider Limited Edition 10,000 Hotwheels elite 1:18 I’m very impressed with review KNIGHTRIDERonline and EBay HOTWHEELS Elite sites and images google my CAR IS ARRIVING From U.K. To Ireland June 21st – June 26th depends deliver looking forward getting car in really impressed

  278. HOTWHEELS ELITE LIMITED 3O th Anniversary EDITION KNIGHTRIDER K.I.T.T. Black T- Top car. I got mine after waiting by courier and U.K. Getting it in U.S.A. -K.I.T.T.1:18 hotwheels eliete from my girlfriend for me as my 30th Birthday present . I. Have to say well worth wait I received 26th June Wednesday 2013. At 8am by courier HOTWHEELS ELITE 1:18 for detail accurate inside outside K.I.T.T. Car im fantastic detail im really impressed and HOTWHEELS I’d give 5***** 10/10 I total stick hotwheels eliete buy K.A.R.R. / K.I.T.T. Enemy new yr when realised in U.K. Ireland &hotwheels elite number 1 in my book fans of ORIGINAL KNIGHTRIDER & HASSELHOFF it a 1:18 model K.I.T.T . U be wanting

    1. Hi, Steve –

      So… you liked it, huh? We did, too. Very cool model, and it looks like your sample found a good home. Don’t let that girlfriend go – she’s a keeper.

  279. I have a Yat Ming 1957 Oldsmobile super 88 convertible with a white exterior. I would like to repaint the exterior red and add red fender skirts and a red continental kit. Who can I get to do the work ?

    Robert Grassi

    1. Hi, Robert –

      There are some very talented “modders” out there. Our best suggestion would be to join us on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/diecastxmag), and poke around. We’ve got almost 5,000 folks checking in, and there’s a good chance you’ll find someone willing and able to do the work. Keep us posted!

  280. Fantastic news for the hobby!

    1. Hello, Anita!

      We agree- and we’re really excited. We’ll be making announcements as the days go by to fill everyone in on the details. Thanks for posting!

  281. Motor Trend managed to set a top speed of 195.0 mph with the Nissan GTR R35, which is 2mph faster then what Nissan themselves thought the car can achieve. This is mostly because every engine and dual-clutch gearbox mounted on the GT-R’s are made by hand, and certain features might differ between models.

  282. My name is Henry Martinez. I’m the one who built the 41″ Willy’s 1/8th scale coupe. I built it from a well used R/C car I got for $25.00. All I basically used was just the body. Everything else was scratch built. My goal was to make it look like it was a store bought kit that anyone could buy from a hobby store. Also I wanted it to look believable if it were blown up to a full scale car. I also have on the frame master cylinder and brake booster, transmission cooler, transmission linkage, working drive shaft complete with u-joints, and working independent rear suspension. The battery and battery box are also hidden under the frame. The brake rotors are slotted and drilled and they are directional as well. There are many other small details that would take a whole page to mention. I want to thank Die Cast X magazine for post my model on line. I have been a subscriber to your magazine since it first came to print. I wish it could be a monthly magazine, however. Thanks again, Henry Martinez

    1. Hi Henry!

      Beautiful workmanship! We actually got turned on to your Willys through our sister-publication RC Car Action, but one look at this car and we knew we had to show it here on DCX too! We’re thrilled and very thankful that you’ve been with us from the beginning.


  283. Matt, Thanks for your reply and nice comment, too! I was wondering if my story and Willy’s will be in Die Cast X Magazine? If so how can I get extra copies? Thanks, Henry Martinez

  284. We would be very interested in talking to you about doing a story on your model and how you built it. Look for an email to the address you used to log in.

  285. Hood of a challenge for super bee

  286. Would like order diecast magazine.

    1. Hi JR,

      The best place to order is at THIS LINK.

      Hope that helps, and thanks for your interest in Die Cast X!

  287. Matt, Thanks for doing the article on my models in the Fall 2017 edition of Die Cast X Magazine. What a great layout you did with the pictures and my story. I didn’t expect a four page spread…WOW! It really made all the time and effort I put into building my models well worth doing. It is so nice to be recognized in the modeling field. Thanks again! Henry Martinez

    1. Hi Henry,

      Hey Henry —

      Thank YOU! You did all the hard work and sent us great material — we were happy to give it coverage. I’m glad you enjoyed what we were able to do with it. I’m sure other readers will enjoy it too — and be blown away by your craftsmanship. Definitely stay in touch, and when you get the urge to build another amazing model give us a heads-up so we can follow along!


  288. Its a nice looking model but I am bothered by the fact no where on the website does it say just how many kits are needed to build the car! I have a feeling it will be very pricey in the end…

  289. I so want this die cast

  290. So want this car

  291. Indy, Le Mans OK but…
    Must the third race be Monaco or any Formula One Grand Prix race?

    1. The official Triple Crown of Racing is considered winning the marquee event in each series. For American open-wheel racing (Indycar) it is (of course) the Indy 500. For sports car racing it is the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In Formula 1 it is the Monaco Grand Prix. While Monaco might not seem that much more important in the current F1 era, historically speaking it by far the most prestigious and so it is the one that completes the Triple Crown. Monaco is widely considered to be the most difficult of the three because of the exclusivity of even getting a competitive F1 ride. It is debatable whether Le Mans or Indy is the more difficult after Monaco. Le Mans often comes down to the team/car, while Indy is often a matter of luck.

      Alonso has won Monaco twice so he needs only the Indy win to complete the trifecta. Juan Pablo Montoya has won Monaco once and Indy twice, so he needs only a Le Mans victory. Alonso ran Indy for the first time in 2017 and led 27 laps before losing an engine. Montoya ran his first Le Mans in 2018 and finished 3rd in the LMP2 class (he’s also won the 24 Hours of Daytona 3 times so is a proven winner in endurance events.) Both have openly expressed an intent to return to run for the triple crown again. Given their talent and name recognition both will almost certainly be given top-tier opportunities to accomplish it.

  292. I’m at issue 40 or more right now. It’s a really nice detailed model. Keeping all the wiring sorted can be irritating at times but it’s fun. I’m also building the 1/8 scale 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang, another great model!

  293. I missed the original build along offering…can I get some info on the project..can I sign on to the project what is the anticipated cost etc..Earl

  294. Hi Earl,

    How it works is like a subscription. Every few weeks you get new kits and magazines, so you build (and buy) as you go. Eaglemoss set up a special promo discount for DCX readers to get started, where the first two kits are free — you just pay $1.95 for S&H. After that you get 4 kits/issues a month at $10.95, plus the $1.95 S&H. And every few issues they throw in little free gifts.

    To get the special deal go to deloreanbuildup.com/dcx or call 1-800-261-6898 and use code “DCX.”

    We’re just a few kits in. I’m not sure that Eaglemoss has decided exactly how many installments there will be for the US version, but in the European version there were 100+! What we can say is this is one SERIOUSLY detailed model, so be prepared to spend time and money to complete it.

    But as the saying goes, there’s no obligation and you can cancel any time.

  295. Great write up on an equally fabulous design created by two of the most talented men ever in the race car business; Colin Chapman and Frank Costin. Costin’s aero-work was incredibly innovative for a number of great cars that often made his designs faster than the competition..even with less power!

  296. I presume that this is the SMTS model made in Hastings in the UK ?

    I’ve just received mine and it looks huge compared with my Tecnomodel Lotus 16 in 1:18 !!

  297. Is it possible to buy this Vanwall model here in the UK?

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