Replicarz Indy 500 Winners: Brickyard Champions Through the Ages

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REPLICARZ INDY 500 WINNERS 1:43 | $90EA The Fothergill brothers at Replicarz are at it again, this time in 1:43 scale resin, and bringing us some of the most delicious cars that ever raced the Indy 500. Manufactured under their own Replicarz brand name, these will be a joy for anyone who loves spending that [...]

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Diecast Legend Jim Wangers: Godfather of the GTO

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Usually, when a marketing executive is good at his job, it’s his client—his product—that becomes the legend. But Jim Wangers is far from just your usual marketing guy. Jim is a car guy through and through. He’s also a racer, a visionary—bold and creative and more than a little wily—and the principle architect of one [...]

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Handsome Hisso

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Minichamps Mullin Collection Hispano-Suiza J-12 Cabriolet 1:43 | $95 Hispano-Suizas were designed by Swiss engineer/designer Marc Birkigt and most were built in Spain (hence the name), but the most luxurious were built in a Paris suburb. ˜ That’s the case with Birkigt’s final masterpiece, the V-12 powered J-12, which was sold only as a rolling [...]

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What Car Is This?

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Its been quite a while since we hit you guys with one of these automotive brain-teasers. High time we did another! Think you know what it is? Click HERE and enter your guess — make/model/year — in the comments!

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Muscular Malibu

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ACME 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS 1:18 | $130 Chevrolet introduced the new mid-sized Malibu in 1964 to fill the gap between the compact Chevy II and full-size Chevrolets in response to Ford’s similar Fairlane. At the top of the line was the Malibu SS, available as either a two-door hardtop or convertible. Surprisingly, the Chevrolet [...]

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American Excellence is giving Free Shipping to Die Cast X Readers!

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  Hey Look: Free Shipping!   Our friends at American Excellence have teamed up with us to offer Die Cast X readers free shipping on orders between now and August 15th. They’ve got tons of great cars — including the fantastic Premium ClassiXXs Mercedes 300SL Gullwing on the cover of our latest issue! Just click [...]

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Ultimate Street Machine

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ACME Trading Co. 1968 Pontiac “Blackbird” 1:18 | $135 As soon as 1968 Firebirds were available, the parts manager at aDetroit dealership ordered one he intended to build up for street racing. Delivered in black with “Light Peach Gold” trim, it had the Ram Air 400 engine, “three on the tree” column shift for its [...]

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Auto World 1:18 2015 Ford Mustang GT

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A Five-Liter Fountain of Youth   The automotive media is all aflutter these days with the news of the forthcoming 2016 6th-generation Camaro. The announcement has overshadowed the 6th iteration of the Mustang—which beat the Chevy to market by nearly two years. After all, the pony-car paparazzi are perpetually a “what have you done for [...]

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Kyosho Bentley Mulsanne Speed

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A Soaring Scion of British Luxury Bentley motorcars have always been a study in contradiction. As a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce for most of the 20th century, stately British luxury and prestige have been central to Bentley’s identity. But the brand has roots in motorsport, having won Le Mans six times—including four consecutive events from 1927-1930—and [...]

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Spark 1968 Series II Jaguar E-Type Coupe 1:43 | $75 Jaguar had a winner when they introduced the E-Type Coupeand Convertible (known on this side of the ocean as the XKE),in 1961. Even Enzo Ferrari called it “the most beautiful car evermade.” Jaguar made mechanical improvements on a running basis, but wisely left the shape [...]

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