Family Jewel

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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FF 1:18 | $100 There’s just no telling what Enzo Ferrari would have had to say about the recently unveiled Ferrari FF, but the car’s four-seat “shooting brake” architecture and four-wheel- drive technology —the “F and F”—are making the tifosi take notice. Hot Wheels Elite has a hand-in-glove relationship with Maranello, [...]

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Road Huggers

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JAdA loPro 1:64 | $5 each Leave it to Jada to capture the latest movements from the modern automotive scene. Influenced by the streets of modernday Southern California cruise-ins, the all-new “LoPro” Series 1 has 12 vehicles on tap, based on six different castings—a 2009 Corvette Stingray Concept, a 2005 Ford GT, a Lamborghini Murcielago [...]

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Warner Bros. goes Mad!

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Warner Bros. and original creator George Miller have released the trailer for their 2015 high-octane “guzzaline” reboot of one of the great car-guy films of all time – Mad Max: Fury Road. We’ve been waiting–with some trepidation–for a first look at the new Max to see if it can possibly live up to Miller’s original epic, the [...]

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Number one with a Bullitt!

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This one is sure to jump to the top spot on your 1:18 hit list. We don’t know much yet — other than it’s lean, green and comes with McQueen! Order Online Here.  

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American Imperial

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American Excellence 1957 Imperial Crown 1:43 | $90 Chrysler’s top-line Imperial, with Virgil Exner’s all-new “Forward Look” body and equally new torsion-bar chassis, became a separate line for 1957. It consisted of the base Imperial, Imperial Crown and Imperial LeBaron, with 2 and 4-door sedans and a convertible. The Crown Imperial limo was a totally [...]

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AUTOart Brake Caliper Tape Dispenser

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AUTOart is making a lot of noise these days by taking racing components — or decent facsimiles thereof — and giving them to us in useful, but still distinctly automotive forms for use in our everyday lives. Take, for instance, this six-pot racing brake caliper, scaled down and made to work as a tape dispenser. [...]

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Rich Boy’s Toy

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SPARK Reventlow Scarabs 1:43 | $60 One day, Lance Reventlow, the young son of the world’s richest woman, decided to go sports car racing. Not content to pilot the European racers of the day, he assembled SoCal’s finest post-war hot rodders and built his own front-engined sports cars, nam- ing them Scarabs, after the sacred [...]

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AMERICAN MUSCLE 1978 Dodge Warlock 1:18 | $70 As the 1970s were nearing an end, the big three started catering to a developing performance truck enthusi- ast market. Trucks were being seen as more than just workhorses, and because they flew under the insurance nannys’ radar, they could be equipped and sold as fairly aggressive [...]

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AUTOart Center Lock Wine Bottle Holder

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AUTOart knows how to take even the most mundane bit of automobilia and make it a lifestyle item. Take, for instance, this center-lock wine bottle holder, patterned after the hardware used to secure racing wheels for quick pit stops. Instead of wheels, however, this locking nut secures the bottle in a polished aluminum cylinder; all [...]

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Dwarf Cars!

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These amazing machines are hand-tooled rather than diecast — and if anything that makes them even more cool. Not to mention the fact that they actually drive! Not remotely mind you. Builder Ernie Adams folds himself into his Dwarf Car creations (which look to be perhaps 3/5th scale) and drives them around — sometimes on [...]

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