Fiat Finale!

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July is officially over, and thus we congratulate the final winner of Die Cast X’s July Weekly Wednesday Model Giveaway. Ron Shemanski of Union, New Jersey–we hope you enjoy your Norev Fiat Dino Coupe as much as we enjoyed giving it to you–and giving prizes to all four of our winners this month! To everyone who [...]

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The Little Things

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M2 MACHINES Detroit Muscle Release 17 1:64 | $5 each M2 Machines has raised the bar and expectations for 1:64 scale collectors. With opening doors, detailed interiors, and well-manicured engine bays, it’s no wonder that collectors are stockpiling these mini masterpieces. The latest series of “Detroit Muscle” brings a few new twists into the mix; [...]

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A King’s Choice

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Auto World Richard Petty Plymouth Road Runner 1:18 | $80   NASCAR today is far different than it was in the late 1960s. During that time stock car racing used “stock cars.” In other words, the sheet metal on the track was the same as the sheet metal in the showroom. It was also a [...]

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Mark Donohue

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Winning with The Unfair Advantage By Bill Bennett ROGER PENSKE SAID, “MARK WAS A THINKING DRIVER. He knew when to go and when not to go. He wasn’t going to win it on guts, he was going to win it on using his head.” Mark Donohue (March 18, 1937-August 19, 1975) was one of the [...]

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Cheyenne Vacationeer

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In the days before the SUV explosion, this is the kind of vehicle families took their vacation roadtrips in. GreenLight is revisiting those good old days in 1:64. What do you think — cool, or square?

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SRX Appeal

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Luxury Collectibles 2011 Cadillac SRX 1:43 | $75 Among upper-crust CUVs, few have the sheer presence of the Cadillac SRX. It’s got Caddy DNA in its spade- shaped face and finny tail lamps, and its V6 power and humbler proportions call to those who want Caddy luxury in a smaller size. Fittingly enough, it’s Luxury—as [...]

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High Sierra

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AUTOART 1987 “Texaco” Sierra Cosworth RS500 1:43 | $50 Ford created the Sierra Cosworth RS500 for one purpose: winning the Group A World Touring Car Championship. To accom- plish that, they built a production turbo-charged twin-cam Sierra-Cosworth for homologation, then added the RS500’s unique double-decker rear spoiler, front brake scoops, racing suspension, and a few [...]

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Family Jewel

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Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari FF 1:18 | $100 There’s just no telling what Enzo Ferrari would have had to say about the recently unveiled Ferrari FF, but the car’s four-seat “shooting brake” architecture and four-wheel- drive technology —the “F and F”—are making the tifosi take notice. Hot Wheels Elite has a hand-in-glove relationship with Maranello, [...]

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Road Huggers

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JAdA loPro 1:64 | $5 each Leave it to Jada to capture the latest movements from the modern automotive scene. Influenced by the streets of modernday Southern California cruise-ins, the all-new “LoPro” Series 1 has 12 vehicles on tap, based on six different castings—a 2009 Corvette Stingray Concept, a 2005 Ford GT, a Lamborghini Murcielago [...]

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Warner Bros. goes Mad!

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Warner Bros. and original creator George Miller have released the trailer for their 2015 high-octane “guzzaline” reboot of one of the great car-guy films of all time – Mad Max: Fury Road. We’ve been waiting–with some trepidation–for a first look at the new Max to see if it can possibly live up to Miller’s original epic, the [...]

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