Crafty Caps

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SIGNATURE Replica Hood Ornaments 1:2 | $40   In the 1920s and 1930s, a car’s calling card rode atop its radiator shell. Pierce had its elaborate archer; Mercedes its three-pointed star; Duesenbergs wore a hand-formed, stylized bird—the “Duesenbird.” Whether it came as original equipment, or was an aftermarket add-on, having a hood or- nament on [...]

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Brooklin 1954 Mercury Monterey Wagon

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Although 1954 was the final year for Mercury’s stretched 1952-54 Ford-based body styling, the whole line got a face-lift (and tail-lift) that resulted in a look that was more Lincoln than Ford. Add the new McPherson strut front suspension and the new 292 “Y-Block” OHV engine, and the ’54 Merc became a slightly down-sized version [...]

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Imperial Force

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American Excellence 1975 Imperial 4-Door 1:43 scale | $95 1975 was the final year for Imperial as a separate line of full-size luxury cars; when the name was re-intro- duced in 1981 it was on a smaller Chrysler Cordoba-based car. Then, when the name was re-introduced in 1981, it was on a smaller Chrysler Cordoba- based [...]

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Photo your Diecast like a Pro!

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Diecast models are all about scale realism—capturing the look of a full-size vehicle authentically in scale is an art. It is not unlike capturing a photo, which is why diecast lends itself so well to photography. That—and the proliferation of relatively high-quality digital cameras—is why so many collectors are moved to document their collections in [...]

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AutoWorld B-bodies

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In 1968 Chrysler Corporation was riding a Hemi-powered wave of success. King Richard had just driven his Petty-blue Plymouth to his second NASCAR championship the previous season, and Mopars were the toast (or terror, depending on what you drove!) of stock-class drag racing all across the country. On the street Chrysler redesigned its sales-leading B-Body [...]

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Cheap Kicks for ’66

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Shelby Collectibles 1966 Ford Gt40 MkII 1:18 | $50 Shelby-philes used to have to pony up heavy bucks for a top-shelf replica of the 1966 GT40 that took the ’66 Sebring with Jerry Grant and Dan Gurney at the wheel. Not any more. While it’s a few hundred pieces (and dollars) shy of the parts [...]

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Brooklin 1954 4-Door Station Wagon

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  1954 saw Buick, like most of the industry, switch to all-steel bodies for their station wagons, while the entire line got wrap-around “Panoramic” windshields and new front fenders. The entry-level Special was built on a new 122-inch wheelbase, too. Give Brooklin’s research team very high marks on this model; the boxy body’s shape is [...]

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Prime Pony

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PremiumX 1965 Mustang Coupe 1:43 | $35 This beautiful 1965 Mustang coupe replicates the original 1:43 scale drawing from Ford’s circa-’65 Mustang sales brochure almost to perfection, while its ultra-thin, photo-etched badges and window moldings are better than the printed trim on Ford’s own 100th anniversary model. Every detail is there, and to scale; while the [...]

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Hard Core

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Auto World 1970 Ford Torino GT 1:18 | $80 Auto World’s apple red American Muscle 1970 Ford Torino GT screams “catch me if you can” in big letters. Featuring fine details like a matte black shaker hood scoop, matching rear louvers, painted window trim, and chromed bumpers, door handles, and hood pins, the exterior com- [...]

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Elevate Me

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M2 MaChines auto-Lifts release 7 1:64 | $14 Every now and then, diecast manufacturers get a call from their retailers asking for an early release… something they can have before other mass-market chains. That’s the story behind M2 Machines’Auto-Lift series 7. Keeping the continuity with the series’ first six releases, each blister pack includesthe popular [...]

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