GT Spirit Porsche 911 (993) Carrera RS Club Sport

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GT Spirit sent along this wicked-looking Carrera RS Club Sport as we were getting ready to wrap this issue, and it’s still sitting on the edit desk, all mean, low, and yellow. Boy, is it yellow. And wow, is it slick. This is our fourth sample from the company, and we have yet to see a single flaw, of any kind, on any of this maker’s resincast cars. This one, wearing an appropriate “Speed Yellow” on its body, takes the cake. The casting is dead-on, finessed in every area (just look at the delicate radius of the upturned edges of the air dam, and the graceful arc of the inlets in the complex rear wing), and it wears pristine lensing, utterly clear glazing, and cross-drilled disc brakes with “Porsche” red calipers behind its RS-specific wheels. This was an important machine: not only was it a stripped-down, scare-your-buddies at the track variant of the already quick 993 series 911, but this car carried the last air-and oil-cooled engine to hide beneath the tail of a Porsche, tweaked for the Club Sport to 3.8 liters and 300 horsepower. All that clear butyrate makes seeing into the cabin easy, and the pared-down perches for the driver and one passenger (there’s no back seat) wear fabric harnesses with p/e buckles. There’s a roll cage, great floor detailing, and a neat, hi-relief “Carrera RS” badge on the rear deck. And did we mention that it’s yellow? - DCX Staff

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