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ACME Brings Back the PM Gassers!

ACME Brings Back the PM Gassers!

Well, we’ve been hoping it would happen, and it has: resurgent diecast brand ACME is resurrecting the excellent 1:18 Willys Gassers that were once the pride of the Precision Miniatures stable. This latest development is proof yet again that the company’s bottom line is getting stronger – and those at the helm are as savvy and connected to the hobby as ever. From what we’ve been told, the mold sets will get some advanced decos in the name of improving what were already incredible display pieces – and a few added new parts to make them more historically accurate, while opening up possibilities for all-new releases based on the tooling.



First up will be the S&S Racing ’33 Willys of K.S. Pittman, due to pop this September; like a lot of collectors, we’re writing our own wish list as to what will follow. We can’t wait. Contact ACME for more details. Got the willys? That’s a good thing.



Updated: June 19, 2013 — 7:50 AM

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