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Rolling Classics : Auto World / Tom Daniels revisit the S’Cool Bus and Brat Boy – on Juice!

Rolling Classics : Auto World / Tom Daniels revisit the S’Cool Bus and Brat Boy – on Juice!

When was the last time you remember seeing a school bus run the quarter mile? Well, when it comes to Tom Daniels and his imaginative designs – and a choice partnership with one of the hobby’s most prolific manufacturers – the unimaginable becomes reality. Teaming with Auto World, Tom has developed a drag racing set where two of his classic Tom Daniels creations come to life in scale. And we do mean “to life” – these wild rides are slot racers!

The Daniels-fired set features exclusive versions of the “S’Cool Bus” and “Brat Boy” vehicles on Auto World 4Gear slot car chassis; combined with a 13 foot track, a fully functional LED Christmas tree and electronic finish line with win lights, the mix of style and scale racing fun will get your adrenalin pumping for hours trying to master the perfect launch. Even standing still, the set offers up some cool visuals. Keeping with the old school theme, the track set features vintage style full color race decals of Daniel’s art work to decorate the course your way. It’s a great team – and a modern spin on a true classic. Rock on, Tom!


Updated: April 4, 2012 — 6:56 PM

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