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M2 MACHINES 1958 Chevrolet Tractor/Trailer Rig

M2 MACHINES 1958 Chevrolet Tractor/Trailer Rig

For the past few years we have sung the praises of Castline’s M2 Machines. From the classic ’50s cars to muscle and drag-racing versions, this upstart has completely changed the landscape of 1:64-scale collecting. So, it is not with great surprise that the Castline gang has found another avenue to explore and conquer. To be released shortly is a line of ’50s haulers that will completely blow away collectors. The first one to slip out the M2 Machine’s door is this sample: a 1958 Chevy Spartan LCF (low-cab-forward) tractor and ultra-long trailer rig. This is a mammoth diecast combo with a detailed tractor. The trailer is molded and features opening rear doors. The 14-wheeler comes with a special clear display case. This is a very sweet reminder of when life on the road was for the stout-hearted.



Updated: June 29, 2011 — 3:12 PM

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