Pagani Zonda R by AUTOart

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I have just added the most amazing 1:18 model to my collection:  The Pagani Zonda R by AUTOart !  This is a car that in 1:1 surely establishes a high water mark for visual impact, performance, expense and sheer impracticality ! 

In 1:18 scale it is nothing but a stunning testimony of how really great AUTOart can be !   With this car and with all their “Signature Series” they have really demonstrated that they can build a model that competes with CMC, BBR and Exoto.  AUTOart’s Zonda R is absolutely awash in beautiful machined, photoetch, stamped photoetch and noble parts.  It is just breathtaking !  The simulated carbon fibre is smoothly tampo printed on the exterior surfaces of the car but the interior surfaces additionally carry forward the texture of  the carbon fiber just as the real body panels would have looked being created in a bagged female mold.

There is so much to look at, you really have to lock the door and get out the high-powered magnifying glass to see details that might otherwise be overlooked.

I will be doing a full review on this little beauty in the upcoming Winter edition of DiecastX Magazine, but if this excites you as much as it does me, I’d get my bucks on the counter before these are all gone.  Remember all the trouble you had getting your copy of AUTOart Signature’s LeMans-winning Mazda 787B !

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