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Without a Hitch: Motorhead Miniatures 1:18 “Out of Gas” Figures Set

Without a Hitch: Motorhead Miniatures 1:18 “Out of Gas” Figures Set

Meet Lorraine and Cody, a surprisingly cheerful couple who manage a smile, despite the fact that they’re clearly stuck. This latest set of figurines from Motorhead Miniatures “1201” line (so named for its limited editions of 1201 pieces/sets) is made from cold-cast resin, and includes the figures, an “Out of Gas” sign (attached here to “Lorraine” with white glue, for photography), and a knapsack/sleeping bag.

Motorhead Miniatures has a good thing  going with this series; the original “Fast Women” line of scaled down babes they offered a while back was so popular that the company couldn’t make enough of them to meet demand. The sculpts are killer; realistic faces, free-spirited clothing, and lifelike poses make this set a great add-in to just about any 1:18 display. A 1:43 version is in the works, too.

Hmmm… out of gas, and still smiling? What’s in that knapsack?

Want to see more from Motorhead Miniatures? Check out the November 20 episode of Die Cast X TV LIVE, HERE

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