Wide-Open Opel

Wide-Open Opel

MiniChamps 2010 Meriva
1:43 | $55

Minichamps 2010 Meriva 3cc

The second generation Opel Meriva B minivan, introduced in 2010, featured front-hingedfront and rear-hinged rear doors that opened the passenger compartment from end to end.Minichamps’ model was first released as a promo piece for Opel, so we knew the overall shapeand all details were going to be right. Its metallic silver paint is excellent, but the gloss blacktop shows a hint of the ripples in the diecast below. It looks kind of low key, but it’s accuratein that the full-scale Meriva’s only chrome is on the grille, the rear hatch trim, and on the Opelemblems—the model has those faithfully reproduced with scale-size plated parts. Windowmoldings are neatly printed, but the tinted glass makes checking out the interior difficult. Onceyou get some light in there, the dash and its detailed instruments with authentic red outlines,navigation panel, detailed console, and door panels with chromed handles all match accurately.Wheels are a realistic aluminum color, with disks and calipers visible behind them, and there’smore chassis detail than you’ll find in most models in this scale. Although the Meriva isn’t avail-able over here, Minichamps’ fine model certainly is. – Wayne Moyer carvillemodels.com

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