What grabs your attention first?

What grabs your attention first?

What piques your attention when searching for that next addition to your collection? Are you brand-specific? Do you collect models of a particular vehicle – in every scale? Are you happy to spend the big bucks for additional detail and features, or are you drawn by bang for the buck? Join us and share your thoughts on what makes a model a “gotta have”!

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  1. I collect pre-1970 cars for the most part. I started about thirty years ago, when my son bought me a 1:18 scale Jaguar XKE .
    Like many others, I was hooked! Being on a limited budget, I scoured hobby shops, websites and E-Bay for bargains. My den was taken over by shelves for my growing 1:18 collection. Smaller shelves were built in to accommodate 1:64, 1:32, 1:43, and 1:24/25 .
    I also added a few 1:12 scale cars. What catches my attention first is scale accuracy. Several years ago, Ertl announced that the were going to produce a 1:18 1955 Chevy…..my favorite car. I was thrilled until I saw it. he car was perfect, except for the grille which was horribly wrong. They produced ans sold thousands of that model for years without correcting it, but I never warmed up to it because of the grill being set wrong.

    Welly made a number of cool fifties cars for little money, and they looked great for the price, except they looked bent in the middle. Am I the only one who notices these things?

    Second to accuracy is attention to detail, followed by fit and finish. I’m not a fan of the distorted cars with the rad wheels, etc., such as those made by Jada, but I did enjoy those made by Muscle Machines a few years ago in1:64 and 1:18 scale,

    I’d like to see more variety in fifties American cars at reasonable prices.

  2. I collect several scales from 1/64th, 1/43rd, 1/32-34th 1/24-25th, 1/18th, and 1/16th. I try to buy the more economical versions but I do sometimes purchase the more expensive models in the $50.00 plus category if it is a model of a car I once owned. I also some times pass up a model if it isn’t true enough in appearance. My collection of over 1900 models does include some models that I would like to see in better proportions and closer to the original car, but I bought because it has a special meaning to me. I also noticed some of the Welly models look bent in the middle and I didn’t buy for that reason. So in general I try to buy for the price advantage, and usually try to buy at auction or toy shows to get that better price. I haven’t so far, spent over $85.00 for a single model. It is getting harder to get some of the more detailed models I want for the price I’m willing to pay, but the “HUNT” is still fun.

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