The Ultimate DIY Ferrari

The Ultimate DIY Ferrari

Lots of us love classic Ferraris. Some of us are practically obsessed. And then there is Peter Giacobbi. Giacobbi is no stranger to the automotive world; he worked as the Director of Engineering for the DeLorean Motor Company, but his passion has always been Italian sports cars. He won SCCA titles behind the wheel of an Alfa and has owned several factory Ferraris. But his all-time favorite car — the legendary 1959 Ferrari 250TR “Testa Rossa” — was a bit out of his reach. 5

With only five built, they are valued in the $35-40 million dollar range. So, since Giacobbi couldn’t afford a factory-built Testa Rossa he decided to build one himself! He located an original, unused, hand-formed Fantuzzi aluminum TR body hanging in a warehouse in Italy. He then purchased, fabricated or adapted parts for the trim, interior, chassis and power train until he had this stunning recreation.

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Petrolicious has done one of their beautiful short films on Giacobbi’s TR (from which these lovely images are screen-grabbed). Check it out below, and go HERE to read Petrolicious’ full story about this ultimate do-it-yourself project car.

Updated: October 12, 2016 — 11:52 AM
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