The Wonderful World of Convertibles – 4

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Kyosho’s awesome 1:12 Mini Cooper features a functional folding cloth top.

                     The Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari Superamerica has a unique, functioning flip  top.

horsepower yet is only 2.5 seconds slower when accelerating from 0 to 60. Among small, nimble sports cars, the story is much the same only different. The 2007 Porsche Boxster S is 1,150 pounds heavier than the 1955 356 Speedster; it’s 15 inches longer but delivers 225 more horsepower and has creature comforts not imagined 52 year ago. Structural rigidity is now so superior that the creaks that quickly showed up on early convertibles are no longer a concern; likewise with soft-top materials and seals. Advances in weatherproofing provide drip-free driving during rainy days.



Convertibles and roadsters are favorites subjects as manufacturer’s concept and dream cars. This Buick Bengal was a hot ticket on the PGA circuit inspired by Tiger Woods.




In diecast, many of these cars—and the best of the past 60 years—are available at prices ranging from a single Washington to as much as $500. So apply your suntan lotion, don your designer shades and slip on your favorite hat. The convertible is back. As the Beatles sang: “Good day, sunshine.”

Updated: June 30, 2011 — 11:25 AM
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