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The Last Big Six

The Last Big Six

MINICHAMPS 1969 Aston Martin DBS
1:43 | $45

Minichamps 1969 Aston Martin DBS 4cc

Aston Martin built two versions of the four-seat DBS Coupe in 1969, one with the long-awaited quad-cam V-8, and one with the classic DOHC six. Beautifully done photo-etched wire wheels and vent louvers behind the rear quarter windows identify this gor- geous model as one of the last six-cylinder Astons. Minichamps has nailed the fastback shape and all the details perfectly, while all dimensions are right on the spot. “Ruby Red” paint is very well replicated, and only the multicolor Aston badges are printed on; all other trim is either chrome-plated or photo-etched. Chrome window surrounds are right on scale. The headlights have jew- eled lenses, while other lights have correctly colored plastic lenses. Don’t be misled by images of American-market Astons, this European car has the turn signals correctly placed outboard of the quad headlights. Upholstery patterns match photos, interior handles are neatly printed silver, detailed gauges in the woodgrain instrument panel are included, and the classic wood-rim wheel is especially well done. Add in crisp-relief chas- sis details with aluminum-painted exhaust pipes and separate mufflers, and you have a really fine miniature at a bargain price. – Wayne Moyer

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