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Talbot To Go

Talbot To Go

1937 T150SS Teardrop Coupe
1:43 | $65

Talbot To Go Spark 1937 T150SS Teardrop Coupe

If Spark’s “Teardrop” Talbot-Lago doesn’t reach out and grab you on some level, you’re just not a car guy/gal. Only 12 of the low-slung Talbot-Lago T150SS chassis were fitted with this body, à la Figoni et Falaschi; every curve of this incredible design flows cleanly into another—so much so that Sir William Lyons —who approved the sensuous Jaguar D-Type and XK-E shapes—called the F&F body “positively indecent” (in the best possible way, of course). We agree;like many works of art, several of these carssurvived WW II and are now in museums, andtheir presence makes verifying the accuracyof Spark’s resin body all the easier. Thehigh-gloss, mirror-smooth silver and bluecolors are crisply separated by a thin chromemolding, and the delicate photo-etched grilleand intake screens, the thin bumper blades,louver trim, and window moldings, plus theflush handles and “trafficator” signals behindthe doors, are all chrome-plated, and rightin scale. Partly open windows make it easierto see the authentic upholstery patterns,plated handles, and legible instrument facesrecessed into the 3D photo-etched dash.And yes, there are photo-etched wire wheelsbehind those flowing fender skirts. Work-manship is literally flawless; this resincastTalbot-Lago by Spark is a great addition toany collection. —Wayne Moyerdiecasm.com

Updated: July 22, 2014 — 11:54 AM

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