Talbot To Go: Spark 1937 T150SS Teardrop Coupe

Talbot To Go: Spark 1937 T150SS Teardrop Coupe

Die Cast X - Diecast Model Cars | Talbot To Go: Spark 1937 T150SS Teardrop CoupeIf Spark’s “Teardrop” Talbot-Lago doesn’t reach out and grab you on some level, you’re just not a car guy/gal. Only 12 of the low-slung Talbot-Lago T150SS chassis were fitted with this body, à la Figoni et Falaschi; every curve of this incredible design flows cleanly into another – so much so that Sir William Lyons – who approved the sensuous Jaguar D-Type and XK-E shapes – called the F&F body “positively indecent” (in the best possible way, of course). We agree; like many works of art, several of these cars survived WWII and are now in museums, and their presence makes verifying the accuracy of Spark’s resin body all the easier. The high-gloss, mirror-smooth silver and blue colors are crisply separated by a thin chrome molding, and the delicate photo-etched grille and intake screens, the thin bumper blades, louver trim, and window moldings, plus the flush handles  and “trafficator” signals behind the doors are all chrome-plated and right in scale. Partly-open windows make it easier to see the authentic upholstery patterns, plated handles, and legible instrument faces recessed into the 3-D photo-etched dash. And yes, there are photo-etched wire wheels behind those flowing fender skirts. Workmanship is literally flawless; this resincast Talbot-Lago by Spark is a great addition to any collection. – Wayne Moyer


Updated: September 6, 2012 — 4:39 PM

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  1. Spark did a nice job capturing the shape and details of this great car. Unfortunately, they missed noticeably on the blue color. The car is actually a dark blue metallic. There are many photos of the car in a number of books. The unfortunate part is the color was correct on the prototype shown at the toy fair. Why the change? They did the same thing on the Delahaye roadster released earlier. It is a well done model but released with red and cream instead of the correct blue and cream. Again they showed a correct prototype and switched. Too bad. Why?

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