Superb Stutz

Superb Stutz

Brooklin 1933 DV-32
Weymann Super
1:43 | $129.95

Although already in financial trouble, Stutz introduced an all-new engine in 1931, the highly advanced “Dual Valve” straight-eight DV-32, along with a less powerful single-cam (SV-32) version at the 1931 New York Auto show. Hoping to revive sales, the Bearcat name was revived in 1932 for a speedster that could be ordered with either engine. ˆ e shortwheelbase Super Bearcat DV-32 with a lightweight Weymann fabric body followed in ’33. But Stutz didn’t have a low-price, highvolume car for the Depression market and production ceased in 1935. Brooklin’s 200th “standard” model is this really fifi ne ’33 Super Bearcat. ˆ e heavy white-metal body’s lines match available documentation from all angles and its glossy maroon paint is excellent; (has Brooklin changed their paint process?) All exterior trim except the relief door hinges is done with separate plated pieces; only the spare tire braces and vertical stripes on the leading edge of the rear fenders are missing. Brooklin has the wood-grain painted dash correct, with the central instrument panel cast in relief, but the seat should have big pleats and door panels should be the same color. ˆ ere are big chromed drum brakes behind the cast-metal wheels and good chassis detail on the baseplate. Dimensions are right on the money, too. Brooklin’s Super Bearcat is a very welcome addition to their line. -Wayne Mayer

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