Super Snake

Super Snake

Spark 1963 Cobra 289 “#16 Sebring”
1:43 | $67


Spark’s nicely done model of a 289-powered Cobra represents a pivotal moment: Shelby’s first shot at International racing, at the 1963 12 Hours of Sebring, where the team ran three new racing Cobras, as well as chassis CSX 2002 (the very first racing Cobra), built in late ‘62. For Sebring, the car wore #16, and had been updated with a 289 engine, hood louvers, and bigger fender flares to accommodate Goodyear wider “Blue Streak” racing tires on mag wheels. It also wore an FIA-legal, full-width windshield. The car didn’t have the soon-to-be classic 289 front fender vents. Photos from Sebring in 1963 show that Spark has the basic 289 Cobra body lines exactly right, along with all these details. Driving lights, mesh intake screen, identification lights and number lights, photo-etched hood locks – everything is here and to scale. Interior detail is just as complete, with chrome-bezeled gauges in a correct aluminum panel, 4-point belts, and much more. Paint, assembly, and overall workmanship are first-rate, and the dimensions are precisely right. This one’s a must for any Cobra collection. Now, if only Spark would do a back dated version of this car as it looked in 1962… – Wayne Moyer

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