Sunstar 1960 Plymouth Fury Hardtop

Sunstar 1960 Plymouth Fury Hardtop

A while back — Summer, 2012, to be precise — we got a late pre-production sample of Sunstar’s then-new 1960 Plymouth Fury convertible, and there was much rejoicing among the masses (okay, there were only a couple of us here, but we were really happy to see it). The reasons for the bliss were simple: this company makes killer models of American iron, stuffed with detail and features, in a scale that makes all the finger fun easy to enjoy. And frankly, the real ’60 Plymouth’s predilection for crumbling into a pile of rust makes these outrageous looking rides a rare sight on the street. With opening doors, trunk, hood, working steering and suspension, working visors, and articulated seats, this Turquoise Poly and Oyster White hardtop version of the car has all the features of the ‘vert, of course, save for the front seats; on the ragtop, they’re swivel-mounted buckets, and here, the front perch is a split-back bench with a high backrest. The model’s got a huge helping of detail, with a carpeted floor, an “Aero” style steering wheel, and even a floor-mounted record player. Under the hood, the 361cid/305-horse “Golden Commando” V8 is mounted with all the wiring, plumbing, and markings of the real car. From the grille to the tail fins, the chrome trim is done with well-fitted hard plated plastic, photo-etched steel, and foil badges (attached better than on Sunstars of yore). That top looks great, but it’s still being test fitted at the factory; once sorted for production, this one will make the perfect partner to any of the hard-to-top “Platinum Collection” models that Sunstar offers. Great stuff. — Joe Kelly, Jr.

1:18 | $90

Updated: June 4, 2014 — 11:00 AM

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