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Subie Do

Subie Do

1993 Subaru Impreza 555
1:18 | $90


Subaru’s Impreza 555 was born to be a rally car, and its hard-nosed capability on the most torturous circuits was proven worldwide. In 1993, whilst star driver Colin McRae was in Malaysia, Bruno Berglund and Ari Vatanen debuted the tough-as-nails sedan at Finland’s 1000 Lakes Rally, bringing the 300-horsepower turbo flat-four-powered hustler home in second place. The win did much to promote Subaru’s rug- gedness and its all-wheel-drive technology – and this model of that car will do a lot to promote Sun Star’s always-evolving lineup. With a parts count that’s bumping ever upward, these little beasties are getting more and more detailed and feature packed. Opening doors, hood, and trunk, steerable wheels and a spring-loaded suspension are on tap, and the cabin is pounded full of plastic details like cross-punched kick plates and metallized control boxes. The paint is good, and it’s fes- tooned with decals for the car’s race day markings. Under the hood, the boxer engine is fully wired and plumbed, the boot holds a strapped-in spare, and the chassis is nicely – if not overly – done. With just a bit more finesse in the details, these models would be barking up a lot of high-end makers’ trees. Rally ’round, folks. — Joe Kelly Jr.



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