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BROOKLIN’S Hudson Hornet 4-Door
1:43 | $125
Showroom, Brooklin 1:43 Hudson Hornet
Hudson extensively re-designed its “stepdown” body for 1954, giving it a modern rectangular look. It wasn’t enough to save the company, though, and the ’54 models are considered to be the last “real” Hudsons. Brooklin’s fine ‘54 Hornet convertible (BRK-140) is several years old, so this handsome fastback 4-Door sedan is very welcome. While the baseplate and trim are shared with the convertible, this body is all-new, as is part of the interior. They’ve also replaced the convertible’s sporty wire wheels with more fitting steel wheels and full covers. The 4-Door’s fastback lines are accurate, and only the window moldings and vent window frames have been painted over; all other trim is done with separate plated parts. The relief-cast “Hornet” scripts have been left off the fenders on this model. Inside, Brooklin has removed the rear seat top bow housings, widened the seat, and added detail to the rear side panels. Relief-cast dash details are accurate, but painted over. The smooth, glossy two-tone paint has crisp separation lines and just traces of surface ripples. This one really looks right—and measures that way, too. —Wayne Moyer brasiliapress.com

Updated: July 31, 2014 — 8:53 AM

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