STOP THE PRESSES! Sun Star 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible is HERE!

STOP THE PRESSES! Sun Star 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Convertible is HERE!

Much as UK-based Brooklin have made themselves (not just a little ironically) the kings of classic American-themed model cars in 1:43, Asian model manufacturing giant Sun Star has made themselves the reigning rulers of the 1:18/1:12 mid-scale classics roost by choosing great subject matter and doing it really well.

We have this outstanding new 1959 Dodge Custom Royal convertible slated for the Summer 2013 issue of Die Cast X, but when something comes along and delivers the goods this well, it’s hard to resist a little advance coverage. And hey… we were doing the happy dance over this one. And that counts for something, doesn’t it?

The ’59 Dodge was a couple of steps removed, stylistically, from the clean, sweeping designs of Virgil Exner’s ’57 Chrysler cars, and more than a little gorp was starting to appear on the lineup by ’59. Chalk that up to a need to make yearly changes, of course – and the fact that “Ex” had suffered a debilitating heart attack soon after he’d penned those groundbreaking 1957 machines, and wasn’t able to further the designs for the “Forward Look”sequels.

Whoa – we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Better save the juicy bits for that issue. But in the meanwhile, cruise these images of Sun Star’s latest ‘fifties bomb. We’ll have the car on the next episode of “Cup O’ Joe”, on February 3rd, so feel free to join us and comment. We’ll be easy to spot – we’ll be dancing.

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