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Spark Dunlop Bridge at Le Mans

Spark Dunlop Bridge at Le Mans

Iconic Racing Structure

1:43 | price varies

The Dunlop Bridge at Le Mans is perhaps the most familiar and famous structure in all of the motor racing world. And Spark has given us a scale model of this magnificent structure that, even in 1:43 scale, is huge. The first pedestrian Dunlop Bridge at Le Mans was built in 1952 at the end of the pit straight. In 1955, the track and the bridge were widened and the bridge was re-located for safety. In 1978, the bridge was rebuilt to meet new safety standards and was then rated to carry 1,000 people. The Dunlop Bridge has been such a success at Le Mans that similar structures have been built at Mantorp Park in Sweden, Donnington Park in England, Sugo and Suzuka Raceways in Japan, and Mazda-Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, CA.Spark has created 1:43 and 1:87 versions of the bridge. The1:43 version you see here is almost 4 feet wide! If you’re a fan of endurance or sports car racing, one of these will makea great addition to your collection no matter what your scale preference. The construction is of an MDF or Masonite type material and the interior walkway has the appropriate steps and other detail. Spark has sold out their initial production run of these bridges, but they can be found on the secondary market. With enough demand, Spark may issue a second production run.—Bill Bennett


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