– Where Enthusiasts, Hobbyists and Collectors Meet To Buy And Sell – Where Enthusiasts, Hobbyists and Collectors Meet To Buy And Sell

These days, every die cast enthusiast and collector needs a platform they can use to connect with other collectors and sellers for the purpose of buying and selling. ScOOmer has made that connection simple – and more affordable – than any other online sales platform.

With ScOOmer, sellers pay only one low monthly fee, and buyers pay nothing (except for the price of the item they purchase, of course). That means that sellers can sell as many items as they want without worrying about heavy fees based on final costs or the number of items listed – and that means a more realistic selling experience, and lower “tip-in” for everyone from the casual seller to retailers who want to put their entire inventory on the block.

And ScOOmer has made every effort to make selling easy. How easy? ScOOmer sellers can create their own online store in minutes. Sellers’ pages include space for a seller’s logo as well as an “About Us” section, so buyers can get to know sellers better, and sellers can clearly define their terms and conditions. Sellers get four pictures with each listing, and once the deal is made, convenient combined shipping and itemized invoicing are also available on ScOOmer. Buyers will appreciate the ScOOmer experience, as well, with easy searching that includes titles and subtitles for a greater chance of hitting the item you want without having to wade through layers of entries. is SEO indexed on Google, and has a direct link to Paypal.

These are only a few of the features that make convenient for buyers and sellers. Stop by and check out today!



Updated: May 29, 2012 — 5:46 PM
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