Rich Boy’s Toy

Rich Boy’s Toy

SPARK Reventlow Scarabs
1:43 | $60

Showroom, Sunrich Scarab

One day, Lance Reventlow, the young son of the world’s richest woman, decided to go sports car racing. Not content to pilot the European racers of the day, he assembled SoCal’s finest post-war hot rodders and built his own front-engined sports cars, nam- ing them Scarabs, after the sacred Egyptian dung beetle. Driven by some of the greatest names in auto racing in the ’50’s & ’60s, they dominated West Coast sports car events, then retired into museums and private collections, and now they’re worth mega- millions. Spark’s Scarabs—Reventlow’s #16 Mk I and Jim Jeffords’ #10 Mk II “Nickey Nouse”—are cast in resin, painted in metallic blue and metallic purple, respectively, and accented with white scallops. The finish and livery on the two models is exceptional. Beautifully molded Halibrand wheels, realistic rubber tires and a full dash are highlights, as are a photo-etched steering wheel and a vacuum-formed windshield, above realistically weathered side pipes. Egyptians considered the scarab a mystical creature; collectors are sure to feel the same way about these replicas. —Bill Bennett

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