mottor max 1940 Ford coup deluxe


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Submitted By
Bob Reid
parker, AZ, United States
Build Information
Diecast Model Brand mottor max
Vehicle Make
Ford coup
Vehicle Model/Trim deluxe
Vehicle Model Year 1940
Model Scale 1:18
Vehicle Type Muscle Car/Restomod
Additional Details

Tankers wern’t built to be noticed by the law, they were built to out run them. Dark colored, fast two door sedans were favored. I built this car to represent a moonshine runner circa, early 1950s. the rear “rake” would indicate this tanker is running empty. A sharp eyed law man might notice the dual exhaust out back but with a full tank the car would sit stock. Under the hood lies the heart of a tanker. in this case a 1950 OLDS Rocket v-8:with three deuces which I added to the Ertl v-8, and was taken from their 1950 OLDS 88 diecast. The tank is a R/R item i made and painted copper. modifications include larger rear tires, military seat belt and a dump handle on the drivers right. it occurred to me that these cars could be considered the first “sleepers” …..?

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