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Princely Packard

Princely Packard

BROOKLIN 1954 Patrician sedan
1:43 | $119.95


As Packard approached its disastrous merger with Studebaker in 1954, there was no moneyfor new bodies, so the “senior” models got only new side trim and hooded chrome headlightbezels. Brooklin has departed from their norm by releasing this fine model of the topline 1954Packard Patrician, albeit in its least expensive four-door sedan ver-sion. This is, I believe, the first model of the Patrician in any scale,and Brooklin has done it very well, with authentic MatadorMaroon paint, an accurate shape and details, and dead-ondimensions. There’s a wealth of carefully fitted chrome-plated parts on this Packard; the new slim-mer cormorant mascot isespecially welldone and thesmall C-pillarmedallion ispainted silver.Only the relief-cast windowsurroundsand tinyrear fenderscripts havebeen paintedover. Big widewhite walls andhand-painted red Packard “Hexads” in the wheel coversadd to the model’s realistic look. Brook-lin has correctly painted the dash in body color, but the silver-painted instrument cluster’saccurate gauge faces and other dash details haven’t been picked out. And while the two- tone upholstery looks quite nice, there are no handles, cranks, or arm rests on the inner doorpanels. These are small sour notes against a very well played song; Brooklin’s ’54 Patrician is agreat addition to any Packard collection. — Wayne Moyer brasiliapress.com

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