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PremiumX 1973 Chevrolet Bel Air Chicago Police

PremiumX 1973 Chevrolet Bel Air Chicago Police

The Bel Air became Chevy’s entry-level model when the entire lineup was revised in 1973, and the low-end 4-door sedan was a favorite with Police, Taxi, and other fleet buyers.  PremiumX’s new resincast wears the correct color scheme and graphics for the Chicago P.D. in ’73; body lines are accurate and every detail, from the complex grille to the translucent red taillights, is present and correct. Window surrounds, handles, and rocker panel moldings are printed chrome while the legible Chevrolet and “Bel Air” scripts appear to be ultra-thin, perfectly applied etched pieces.  The 1973 Illinois plates are legible under magnification (or with very good eyes), and the standard-issue spotlight and steel wheels with small caps and beauty rings are here, too; while this light bar doesn’t appear in photos of contemporary Police-package Bel Airs, it is on other Chicago cruisers so PremiumX is most likely correct.  Interior detail is very well done with excellent upholstery detail, silver-printed relief handles and cranks, some wood-grain trim, and an accurate decal instrument panel, but  no sign of any communications gear or other Police equipment.  Dimensions are  within 0.02 of perfect 1:43.  – Wayne Moyer

1:43 | $37


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