Poor Man’s Cobra

Poor Man’s Cobra

 Lansdowne  1966 Sunbeam Tiger
1:43 | $125

 Poor Mans Cobra Lansdowne 1966 Sunbeam TigerOften described as the poor man’s Cobra, the Ford V8 – powered Sunbeam Tiger had a more modern suspension, unit-body construction, and wind-up windows than comparable vehicles of its time. That made it much more suitable for midwest American climates. Lansdowne has modeled the lines, look, and almost all the details of a mid-production Mk.1A exactly right. Brooklin makes the white-metal Lansdowne line, and it shows; the Midnight Blue paint is excellent. The most obvious change to the 260-powered Mk.1A was the soft cover over the top well, and Lansdowne has that right, along with the relief-cast “SUNBEAM” name on the hood and trunk. Small details, like the rounded and square corners on the hood and doors seem to be a mixture of 1 and 1A, but many details were liquid during 1A production. Lansdowne has somehow omitted the characteristic “Tiger” script that was inset into the side trim, just in front of the doors, and the “Ford 260” badge below it. Interior details include authentic upholstery, an accurate wood-grain dash with an open glove box, and relief-cast inner handles and cranks. Dimensions are correct, too—the hairy little Tiger really was this small, and this good looking. – Wayne Moyer jmmodelautos.com

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