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“Piston Power Pack” Cooler

“Piston Power Pack” Cooler


In the “Why didn’t we think of that?” section is this foam and plastic beverage cooler in the shape of a V8 engine, straight from the clever folks at U.S. Imagineering headquarters in Wisconsin. Big enough to hold 12 cans of your favorite drink (eight in the “cylinders” and four more in the well below), this thing is all kinds of fun, even before you stow the energy drinks and hit the car show. Two clear “valve covers” protect the tops of the cans from sand, grit, or shredded rubber, and at the press of the red button on top, the unit says “Drivers, start your engines.” For something this light, it’s remarkably sturdy, and can handle a healthy load of ice. Pop those tops, boys.  – DCX Staff



Updated: June 4, 2014 — 9:29 AM

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