Otto Models Audi Coupe GT

Otto Models Audi Coupe GT


OTTO’s Audi Coupe GT is one of those models that you pull out of its box and just kind of stare at for a while. Part of that is because it’s just so well done; the other part of the lingering gaze has to do with utter familiarity. Thanks to the resin body and a truly flawless metallic gray finish — not to mention amazing lensing, perfect wheels and tires, and, oh, just about everything else — the model looks, simply, real. As in, start up and drive away real. Which is ironic, given the slamming for “unintended acceleration” that Audi was taking here in the U.S. when this car was on the road (in American trim). With a five-cylinder inline engine and either front-wheel or all-wheel “quattro” drive, the car was a solid performer, and a hell of a good-looking machine, to boot;  wedgy, but not overly so, and angular enough to be elegant without being too understated. This model is of a post-1986 “facelift” variant, and the foil trims, delicate handles and wiper arms, and clear, flat glazing all carry a feel of quality; look into the sealed cabin for nicely cast, painted, and put up seats, door panels, and dash. Look further – to the OTTO web site – if you want one; at press, these were still available. Stop staring and move. —  Joe Kelly, Jr.

1:18 | app $135, shipped

Updated: June 3, 2014 — 4:02 PM

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