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Number One Pontiac

Number One Pontiac

BROOKLIN 1937 Deluxe Six Touring Sedan
1:43 | $120

Brooklin 1937 Deluxe Six Touring Sedan 2cc

Although the all-new 1937 Pontiacs used the same B-Body as their GM stable mates, for the Deluxe Six it had to be shortened in front of the cowl to fit the 117-inch wheelbase. Brooklin’s “Buick Collection” success has led to a similar “Pontiac Collection.” This 1937 Deluxe Six 4-Door Touring “Trunkback” Sedan is its first release. The body is correctly similar to Brooklin’s Buick model, but the nose and chassis have been accurately shortened, and Pontiac details, like the prominent Pontiac “Silver Streak” trim and pedestal- mounted headlights, are just as they should be. Our sample’s glossy “Starlight Blue” paint has some orange peel that may not be typical of production units; the small combination hood ornament/latch handle, name badge, door handles, hood vent trim, trunk hinges, and windshield divider are all separate, polished pieces, making this one of the few Brooklin models with a fully detailed exterior—except for the grille, which is lacking the body-color horizontal bars dividing each side into four sections. Dog dish hubcaps and chrome beauty rings look just right for the Six. Interior detail is a bit sparse, but the woodgrain dash is correct. Brooklin has recreated the Trunkback lines accurately, and the dimensions are right on the money. – Wayne Moyer

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