No Coyote is catching this Road Runner

No Coyote is catching this Road Runner

Supercar Collectibles has tooled up a new 1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner with the legendary 440-6bbl engine option. Supercars starts with the Ertl 1:18 casting, but has thoroughly reworked it for more accuracy—particularly around the rear wheel openings. The trunk now opens, and inside is a proper spare and a trunk mat. The interior has been updated with a textured carpet of black flocking. The biggest news is under the hood—the 440 has been updated with more accurate molding, paint, plug wires, battery cables and metal mesh around the air cleaner element—all of which give the feel of a much more upscale model. In addition to this one in orange, there will be versions in black, green and yellow. Check them all out here.

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