NEW VIDEO! Maisto’s “Muscle Machines” Crew at the DCX Collectors Expo 2012

NEW VIDEO! Maisto’s “Muscle Machines” Crew at the DCX Collectors Expo 2012

Oh, the fun of it all. Imagine being a part of the resurgence of the Muscle Machines brand – from the inside – and getting to play with all of those cool cars for a living. We can. And though we won’t be joining the ranks of those lucky people any time soon, we did enjoy the chance to ask the fellows who’ve been designing, refining, and re-aligning the brand for its re-launch – while savoring the added perk of getting to spend quality time with uber-booth babe “Miss Muscle Machines” at all of  the trade shows.

Are these guys ever late to work? No.


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Muscle Machines


  1. We have had the pleasure of meeting these guys a few times at the Diecastspace conventions. What a nice group of guys and so talented too. Looking forward to the new line of muscle machines.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. My pleasure! We had a blast at the show with these guys – a great team. And the DieCastSpace conventions are a must-see for anyone who hasn’t yet made the scene. Thanks for watching.

  3. It was So’00 cool to meet up with these guys at RCX after having to miss the Vegas show. They have a real passion for cars & for the Muscle Machine line. The Brand is now in good hands and I hope they will pump some big money into a lot of NEW castings in 2013

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