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NEW VIDEO! GreenLight 1:18 Mustang II Cobra

NEW VIDEO! GreenLight 1:18 Mustang II Cobra

Straight from the pages of Die Cast X! One of the cooler releases to see the light of day at Nuremberg and New York this year was the newly-tooled GreenLight 1:18 Ford Mustang II. We managed to borrow one for our Summer 2013 edition (on its way to the stores now), and we couldn’t wait to get it into the studio for some video, too.

The verdict? If you’re a collector who loved the ’70s, you’re in for a treat!

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  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on one! Been waiting for someone to build one in a larger scale than 1/64th.

  2. Hi. I am bothered by the cowl and front window look….. I was very excited to hear that this would be coming out but I hope Greenlight can correct it or it will haunt me everytime I see one…..PLEASE correct

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