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New VIDEO! Die Cast X Visits M2 Machines Headquarters

New VIDEO! Die Cast X Visits M2 Machines Headquarters

In the days leading to the RCX show and the DCX Collectors Expo, Andy Goodman, Bill Bennett, Mike Zarnock, Joe Kelly Jr. and Joe Arthur traveled up and down the Cali coast visiting a few manufacturers, rolling tape, and gawking at some of the new – and as yet unannounced – products we’ll be seeing soon. One of our first stops was at M2 Machines, where we got to talk to Sean Taylor and see the every day workings of one of the hobby’s heavyweights. Check it out!


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  1. What a video!!!!!! M2 looks great, and is obviously a big time supplier to the industry.

    Amazing models, just great! When can I get a DCX Truck!!!


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