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Prelude to a Legend

Ferrari’s 288 GTO was dealt a pretty tough hand when it debuted in 1983. Borrowing the nameplate of the original GTO—arguably the greatest Ferrari of all time—set the bar dauntingly high, and although it was very pretty, its bodywork didn’t make the splash that was expected. So similar to the 308, the styling camouflaged the 288 GTO’s race car engineering all too well. Factor in the nearly simultaneous introduction of the scene-stealer Testarossa on a landscape already dominated

by Lamborghini’s all-conquering Countach, and it’s no wonder that the nouveau-GTO struggled to find the spotlight. Had it not been bracketed by such giants, might it have achieved the legendary status that its mechanically similar successor, the F40, did? The fun of Mattel’s beautiful Elite series 288 GTO is the way it reminds you of just how brilliant and influential this machine was. Its accurate replication of Ferrari’s first twin-turbo 2.9L V-8 is captivating, both for its detail and for its historical significance. Mattel diecast has matured with the Elite series, and the increased detail coupled with the natural demand for the Mattel and Ferrari brands make these excellent collector prospects. Don’t expect them to hang around.

Hot Wheels distributed by Mattel

Truth in Advertising
In the last issue, we showed you the first two in Bad Ass Diecast’s series of 1:18 Top Fuel drag boats, and we found that they more than lived up to that brash name. As much as we love them, we wondered how this admittedly niche product would be received—pretty darn well, as it turns out. Industry big dog GMP has signed on to help distribute BAD’s boats—a pretty strong endorsement. The third and fourth in the series are now available, and BAD is already taking orders on five and six. Two undecorated versions—a solid black and solid white—are available for those who wish to do their own art, and a nifty trailer set is available for those who want to display their boats with a tow vehicle. The two latest boats are Hot Licks (foreground) piloted by John White and the Loose Cannon driven by owner Greg Tedesco. Each features the same outstanding detail as the first two plus a few tweaks to the molded pieces to increase accuracy. Under the Hot Licks, you can see the available trailer. We also hear that BAD plans to produce single-prop alcohol and fuel hulls and to add a 1:43 line, so stay tuned.

Bad Ass Diecast (904) 381-9401;

Fast is Beautiful

Is it uncharitable to say that Dodge’s ’64 330 sedan was … well … a bit homely? This was not a glamorous car. It was, however, extraordinarily quick when optioned correctly. Correct in this case would be a stripped-down car with a bench seat, a 4-speed and a 426 Hemi. Supercar Collectibles commissioned 504 of these from Highway 61 and tossed on a few goodies to better represent how the average street/strip warrior might outfit his machine. The model has the requisite dual-quad Hemi reaching up into the long hood scoop. Tube headers exit under the car and feature cutouts molded into the exhausts for quick uncorking at the strip. A set of 5-spoke mag wheels give the beige-on-beige sleeper a bit of flash, but the slicks on the rear make it clear that this car is for go, not show. The model presents well and offers a lot of detail for the buck. Supercars added goodies, and the limited run makes the cars that much more appealing.

Supercar Collectibles (763) 425-6020;

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