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New “Hot Wheels Boulevard” Series: Good Things Emerge from the “Bin of Death”!

New “Hot Wheels Boulevard” Series: Good Things Emerge from the “Bin of Death”!

Mattel has just released the all new Hot Wheels Boulevard Series, featuring an all metal body and chassis with Real Riders tires. Included in the 7 car set are: A-OK, Fangula, Tucker Torpedo, `52 Hudson Hornet, Classic Packard, Chevy “Camaro” Concept and the Ford GTX1.
They are selling for around $3.50 each, depending on where you find them. I found these in the “Bin of Death” at my local Walmart along with the Main-Line cars. The sign said $1.07, and that’s just what I got them for, once I got the front-end manager to go look in the bin where there were many more!
It’s always good to pay attention to signs….


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  1. That’s the best way to get these….at a discount! I think this series will be great!

  2. im new at this i was wandering if anyone could help i found a skull crusher #209 and i believe it to be an error packaging from what iv seen on other sights my question is is something like this rare or is it normal the car it facing the wrong way is there other like this car out or is there only one

    thank you

  3. Hi Andrea,
    Thanx for stopping by.
    What you have there is just a packaging error. It is not rare or valuable.

  4. Mr. Hot Wheels Mike Zarnock. Question for you. What is the latest hot wheels variations guide on the book shelves, I have hot wheels variations The Ultimate G uide !989-1999 to 2008 4th edition anything newer Thanks. Rod.

  5. Rod,
    The last Hot Wheels Variation Guide I have done is the 4th Edition that you have there. I am currently working on the 5th edition.
    Thanx for the interest and keep checking back, I will let everyone know when it will be coming out.

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