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Muscular Malibu

Muscular Malibu

ACME 1965 Chevelle
Malibu SS
1:18 | $130


Chevrolet introduced the new mid-sized Malibu in 1964 to fill the gap between the compact Chevy II and full-size Chevrolets in response to Ford’s similar Fairlane. At the top of the line was the Malibu SS, available as either a two-door hardtop or convertible. Surprisingly, the Chevrolet got a substantial facelift in 1965, becoming longer and lower in the process. What you see here is an early color sample of ACME’s new 1965 Malibu SS. „ The 2-door hardtop lines are right on the money, with accurate ’65 front and rear clips, clean body sides, and all the trim details for the top-end Malibu SS 327. „ This early sample’s glossy Danube Blue paint matches paint chips very well and looks ready for production. „The badges,nameplates, and red accent lines on the authentic three-bar flipper caps arecrisply printed, but all other trim is done with bright chrome pieces. Everything opens and the 327 V-8 has chrome valve covers, ignition wiring, battery cables,master-cylinder plumbing, and much more. Interior detail is just as good; theSS package bucket seats have authentic two-tone upholstery patterns, beltsare fabric with plated hardware, and the inner handles, window cranks, and doorlocks are chrome-plated. Naturally, the dash has a full set of detailed gaugesand the SS’s dash-mounted tach is right where it should be. —Wayne Moyeracmediecast.com

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