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Outstanding attention to exterior detail includes the side-mounted spare tire with cover and winged hood ornament. These items were available only on the Master DeLuxe version.
The very cool big gun is the perfect addition to this woody package. Note the way Motor City Classics went the extra mile with the fit of the wood and the die-cast fat fenders.

The canvas top is mated to the body with a fine yellow beading—a perfect complement to the exterior. The vintage surf decals applied to the side windows brilliantly depict what a restored woody should look like.

That opens the door to a potential Motor City Classics variant—an aged woody as it would have appeared in the early 1960s after years of neglect and salt air has stolen its glamour. Perhaps this is a job for Terry Ballard (see Die Cast X Winter 2005 issue ).

Interior Like most die-cast models under $50, you compromise some details for the price. The interior of the Motor City Classics ’39 Woody is less than inspiring; it’s filled with bland molded components, and it lacks serious detail. There are, however, a few bright spots: the hinges are unobtrusive and provide smooth and wide access to the front seat. A large-mouth-style speedometer and gauge cluster are readable, and the rearview mirror is as nice as the exterior trim pieces. In its original factory configuration, Chevy equipped the wagon with three rows of seats. The Motor City Classics version is true to this layout, but surfers would have discarded the rear most seating for board space. A flip-up window panel allows you to access the rear.

Beneath the hood
A clamshell-style hood opens to allow minimal viewing access to the 1:18 version of the 216ci, inline-six engine. On a good beach day, this engine pumped out 90hp. The scale version is about as unimpressive. That isn’t to say the components are low-end; the basics are all there, but it just lacks detail, and it’s difficult to see all of its appendages.

Good casting allows the two-piece hood to hinge smoothly and, when closed, to fit into place tighter than the fit Chevy provided 67 years ago.

Woodies share a special place in American automotive history. Although you can find more detailed examples of a great American woody, Motor City Classics’ 1939 Chevy is a very affordable shelf mate. The company also includes a very cowabunga long board that was (and still is) a fixture on many remaining woodies—not a bad deal for a modest amount of money.


Price: $30
Overall length: 12.5 in.
Wheelbase: 7.25 in.
Weight: 2 lb.
Width: 3.75 in.
Height: 4.25 in.
Varies with dealer

» Rolling wheels
» Working steering
» Opening doors, hood,
   rear window panel
» Extra parts: surfboard

RATINGS (scale of 1-5)
Body, paint 4

Wheels, tires 5

Engine 2.5

Chassis 2.5

Interior 2.5

Presentation 3.5

Collectibility 3.5

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