More Rumbling from GMP

More Rumbling from GMP

The street fighting is fast and furious from GMP these days—but in a good way. Round three in the Street Fighter Camaro series is this sweet ’67 stuffed with a high-tech LS2 6.0L V-8 lifted out of the company’s contemporary GTO and sprinkled with plenty of detail and a few go-fast goodies to pump it up to 520hp. You can’t miss the arresting red paint beautifully offset by white Z/28-style stripes. Interior is all-business with a full roll cage, a custom center console and a short-throw shifter for the 6-speed. Perhaps most eye-catching are the all-new Kinesis Motorsport wheels—modeled after an actual full-scale aftermarket wheel design, the chrome outer rim and dark center section has a classy, modern look that really complements the ’67’s classic curves. If you don’t want to have to fight to get one of these, get on the horn to GMP ASAP.

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