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Mo’ DeSoto

Mo’ DeSoto

Brooklin  1954 Firedome Hardtop
1:43 | $125

 Mo Desoto Brooklin 1954 Firedome HardtopSince the entire DeSoto line had gotten new bodies in 1953, the ’54 models got just a mild facelift, with fewer teeth in the grille and a new side spear incorporating the “Firedome” name on Hemi-powered top-line cars. Brooklin has virtually re-mastered its earlier 4-door DeSoto sedan in order to make a 2-door hardtop coupe using their new one-piece, chromed frame “birdcage” for the windshield and all window surrounds. This is clever, because when the contrasting color roof is fitted, the result is a very accurate and good-looking pillarless hardtop model. Obviously, they’ve also correctly changed the door panel lines and length of the side spear for the 2-door, and also scaled down the earlier model’s oversized V-8 rear fender badges. All exterior trim, except the relief-cast DeSoto nameplates, is done with carefully fitted separate plated white metal pieces—no decals or photo-etched parts on Brooklin models, ever—and inside you’ll find accurate upholstery patterns and relief-cast dashboard details, but an area that’s lacking inner handles or armrests. The shape and dimensions are accurate; with all that chrome setting off the glossy red and black paint, Brooklin’s ’54 Firedome 2-Door Coupe will really stand out in any collection. —Wayne Moyer 


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