MiniMarque 1:43 Packards: Sweet and Elite

MiniMarque 1:43 Packards: Sweet and Elite

MiniMarque (a/k/a MiniMarque 43) has been around for a long time, providing 1:43 collectors with a series of delightful, hand built white-metal bodied cars. These fetch a premium, but they’re bedecked with some very slick detailing, done, more often than not, with painstakingly rendered photo etched metal and sweet lensing.

These three Packards – a 1934 Super 8 Speedster Boat Tail, a 1940 Darrin convertible, and a particularly natty ’34 Rumble Seat Coupe – came to us from Sinclair’s Mini Auto, and we found them to be surprisingly heavy and beautifully turned out. That shouldn’t surprise anyone; virtually every part on the cars (save the tires, seats, and glazing), is made from some sort of metal.

The finish on these is exquisite. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the red and gold coupe, but second place is a dead tie between the two drop tops. Palming one of these is a kind of thrill; the weight of the models runs counter to the extremely delicate nature of the add-on details – you need to be extra careful of the swan radiator cap ornaments, the door handles, and the side view mirrors.

They’re not cheap, either. We had these on loan for a little while from Dave Sinclair’s shop, before they found homes with higher-end collectors who can swing the series’ entry price of around $299.00. If that means you, take solace in the fact that each comes from a limited run, with different color and roof configurations available. Sinclair’s is the oldest model seller in the country; something tells us they know their stuff. These are beauties.

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