Minichamps 1936 Talbot-Lago T26-SS “Grand Prix”

Minichamps 1936 Talbot-Lago T26-SS “Grand Prix”

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Minichamps Mullin Collection Talbot-Lago T26-SS (Super Sport) is one of only three of these cars, basically their Grand Prix race car with a widened chassis and two-seat bodywork. Two were built for the 1936 Le Mans but this one (chassis 90203) wasn’t seen until the 1939 24-Hours. It re-surfaced after the war to finish third in the Torino Grand Prix, which definitely wasn’t an F1 race but may account for its designation. Peter Mullin regularly brings this car to Historic Automobile races, so photos are easy to find and they all show that Minichamps has nailed the flowing lines, teardrop fenders, long tail, and dozens of tiny louvers perfectly. Its Navy Blue paint is excellent, with printed numbers and rivet heads; everything else (and it’s all there) is done with plated or photo-etched parts. The cycle fender struts are very thin, the tiny (1.1 by 1.6 mm) hood badge is beautiful, but the delicate door handles/latches are most impressive. — Wayne Moyer

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