Minichamps 1:43 BMW Z4M: Ultimate Bull

Minichamps 1:43 BMW Z4M: Ultimate Bull

You would think that a German model car company making a model of a German car would be a perfect match – and in the case of this Minichamps BMW Z4M “Red Bull” racing coupe, modeled after the winning car shared by Quester, Mullen, Stuck, and Werner at the 2006 24 hours of Silverstone, you’d surely be correct.

What this company brings to 1:43 is always good to see; Minichamps was one of the first – some say the first – company to make affordable, well-done quality 1:43 images. Prior to that, the scale was known more for expensive, extremely limited models for discerning collectors who treasured their exclusivity. The good news is, those models are still out there for the cognoscenti. But even the most hardened among that high-end bunch will find something to love here – especially if they collect racing machines.

The paint’s slick and metallic, the graphics are sharp and perfectly placed, and the interior detail is complete right to the wee buttons on the steering wheel. Our favorite parts? The clean lensing and sharp screening in the vents – the types of detail usually found in cars costing much more than this one’s suggested $54.00 vig. Get your horns on.

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