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Miniauto reminds collectors that Bauer’s Mercedes Benz 500K is nearing SOLD OUT status

Miniauto reminds collectors that Bauer’s Mercedes Benz 500K is nearing SOLD OUT status

If you think that expensive models linger longer on the store shelves, you might want to think again. Miniauto rang us this afternoon with the news that the highly anticipated 1:12  Bauer Mercedes-Benz 500K “Spezial” Roadster – tagging at an eye-watering $1,750.00 MSRP –  is almost sold out.  If you have not yet placed your order for one of these elegant machines, be sure to make your arrangements now. These models are extremely detailed, and are assembled in such a way as to allow an unprecedented amount of dis-assembly by the owner – all the better to see the incredible amount of detailing and working features rendered under each model’s skin.

If you have not seen our review on this upcoming model be sure to pick up a copy of the Spring ’12 issue of Die Cast X Magazine. The car’s on page 46. And yes, it really is special.



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  1. Hi all…
    Judy here. The Bauer MB Speziale Roadster can be ordered on our website: or via email: … or just plan to give me a call !
    I will be working tomorrow 11-4pm (if I can get out of my driveway, that is). A lake effect storm is due tonight!
    Have a great weekend, enjoy the games and stay warm:)

  2. Update on the Bauer Roadster from

    1935 Mercedes Benz 500K Roadster should be available later on this year. We understand all problems have been ironed out at the factory and production has resumed. My husband Mike and I have begun and are carrying this model. We cannot wait to see it. Pre-Orders are strongly suggested. Hope to talk to you soon!
    Judy Kirkpatrick

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