Middle-Class Lincoln

Middle-Class Lincoln

1:43 | $138.95

By 1955, the clean body made famous by the “hot rod Lincolns” of Mexican Road Race fame were dated, so the ‘55s got a simplified grille, all-new side trim, and longer rear fenders with new taillights, and a new 225-horsepower, 341cid Y-block V-8. While everyone else has modeled the top-line Capri 2-Door Hardtop, Brooklin has released this good-looking white-metal model of the Capri 4-Door sedan, of which only 405 fewer than the classy coupe were sold.  is is the first time that Brooklin has made the roof of a 4-door sedan a separate drop-in piece which allows easy two-tone paint but which has caused a slight problem.  at top is about 0.1 inch (4 scale ones) too long and overhangs the windshield frame instead of fi tting fl ush behind it. Aside from that, Brooklin has really nailed the lines and details.  The authentic glossy Turquoise and Ermine White paint is set off by no less than 31 separate, in-scale chrome-plated pieces that include pinhead-size Capri emblems. All window moldings, the vent window frames, and “LINCOLN” hood letters are painted over and tiny Capri fender scripts are missing. Interior details are typical Brooklin; accurate upholstery and dash with authentic relief details but without inner handles, armrests, or gauge face details.  There’s good high-relief chassis detail in the metal baseplate, too. — WayneMoyer
Brooklin; distributed by brasiliapress.com

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